Go Mobile with Rosetta COURSE

The Rosetta COURSE® mobile app turns long waits into smart study sessions. Waiting for the bus? Riding the metro? Trying to tune out talkative relatives? Our new mobile app is here to the rescue.

Available in all 24 TOTALe languages, Rosetta COURSE can be used by itself, or alongside your existing TOTALe account. So, wherever you stop online, you can continue right from your phone.

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HOW IT WORKS: It’s all about symmetry! For your convenience, the Rosetta COURSE app is laid out identically to TOTALe. This includes our comprehensive lesson planning and industry-leading speech recognition technology—poised to guide you through your reading, comprehension and pronunciation skills. Have multiple devices, such as a tablet? No sweat. The Rosetta COURSE app will sync seamlessly across each device.

ROSETTA STONE MEMBERS: Current TOTALe subscribers get full access to Rosetta COURSE. Just download the app and sign in using your same user name and password.

DON’T HAVE ROSETTA STONE? No problem. The Rosetta COURSE app is a great way to start your language-learning experience. Enjoy our easy-to-use, state of the art technology—right from your mobile device. Download now and your first lesson is on the house.

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The Rosetta COURSE app is available on Android, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPod. Free download is available at the App Store or Play Store.

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