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My name is Aksana and I am very happy to share the story of how Rosetta Stone changed my life.

aksana copy1I was born and grew up on Belarus. We speak Russian there. We study Belarusian and other foreign language as a mandatory curriculum. I started studying English in high school there. To be honest, I was always more into sports than academics. Since I was six years old I started doing gymnastics and it went very well for me. My dream was to become a gymnastics coach. I was planning to go to the university in our city to study for that.

When I was sixteen years old, our family got a chance to move to the United States. Of course as a teenager, I was very excited to visit a different country. My parents were not sure if we would decide to stay here in the States or move back to Belarus. It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Two weeks after we came to the US I had to go to school and finish my high school years. The first day in American school was the longest day of my life. I thought that day would never end and that is when I realized that I had made a mistake for not taking English seriously when I was offered it in Belarusian high school. When I came home I cried out to my mom saying that I don’t ever want to go back to school and that I looked silly compared to other classmates for not knowing what they were saying. I don’t even know how to describe the feelings I had for the next couple of weeks, then months.

Being a teenager at high school and not able to communicate with everyone like I used to do in Belarus was very difficult for me. The high school I attended was offering gymnastics practice but I knew I was not able to attend it because of the language barrier. Every day I thought about what I could do to learn English better and faster because sitting in the class every day and then going home and translating everything with a dictionary was not a very interesting activity.

One day when I was about to walk out of my English class my teacher asked if I would like to stay for an extra session to learn English using Rosetta Stone program. Back then I did not know anything about Rosetta Stone, but I stayed that one day to see how it works. After my first day I was amazed how good the program was. I started attending Rosetta Stone learning sessions regularly and after two months I was able to attend gymnastics practice! And more than that, I was getting to know more people in school. I wasn’t feeling awkward any more when someone wanted to ask me something—I could answer! All my teachers noticed that my English skills got better and better with each week. A year later I successfully graduated from high school and enrolled in college.

Now I am working for Rosetta Stone. I am very proud to be on the team of the company that helped me to become the person I am right now. My next goal in life is to become fluent in Spanish.

Aksana is a Customer Care Representative and has worked at Rosetta Stone since 2009.

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