Help International Students Build Language Confidence

International college students using practice speaking in language classroom.Universities across the world are increasing their efforts to recruit international students. They play a major role in internationalizing the campus and usually require little financial aid. Yet many higher education institutions face growing challenges as they help international students integrate comfortably into campus life.

The Language Challenge for International Students

Most international students pass their introductory language exams. Yet many struggle to keep up in classes, or fully integrate socially with their native-language peers.

Students tend to group themselves according to language of choice, without really blending into the native-language student body. As a result, international students sometimes miss opportunities to engage—just as the institution misses an opportunity to globalize the campus.

In the classroom, students who can communicate at a basic level may begin to fall behind when faced with the pace, complexity, or linguistic sophistication of a lecture hall. Faculty who are already teaching more students on a smaller budget may struggle with how to support the students who excel, while nurturing an international student who has the academic ability, but not all the language skills, to succeed.

Introduce a Blended Solution for Language Learning

Although you may be short on time, there are digital solutions that can act as professor’s little helper. A solution like Rosetta Stone® Foundations, for example, can help your students develop their English skills quickly. Rosetta Stone Foundations utilizes interactive solutions to give students a customized, self-paced experience with instant feedback built in. You can integrate this solution as minimally or as fully as you wish, and you can track each student’s progress and measure growth over time.

From pronunciation to casual conversation, the benefits of guiding your international students to greater confidence will serve them in the long run, and bring greater élan to your classroom and your institution.

What steps is your institution taking to prepare international students linguistically for academic and personal success?

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