Helping Me Say "Help Me"

chaseI purchased an online subscription of Spanish (Latin American) levels 1, 2, and 3 prior to starting my law program in beautiful Costa Rica. As a solo traveler, Rosetta Stone prepared me for the “important” scenarios: successfully navigating the country, conversing with my host family and, of course, talking with the local girls. What can I say, it was a success?

However, my preparation for the “important” things extended beyond my own expectations. The ocean was beautiful. It was blue. It was also dangerous. High tide was rising and, before I knew it, I was being swept away without a raft. At this point, I was too tired to move. Thank God the reason I write today was because I knew how to say “help me” in Spanish! The irony was that I did not realize I knew how to say it until after I was thanking one of the locals.

–Chase, Jackson, Mississippi

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