Helping Out in the Highlands of Guatemala

jennifer in guatemalaI love using Rosetta Stone as an adjunct to more traditional Spanish lessons. As an adult learner who never took Spanish in high school or college, I started learning Spanish by taking some private and group Spanish lessons at a local language school. But, I work full time, go to school part time, and have a family! The time and commitment to scheduled class times didn’t always work out. Rosetta Stone gives me the flexibility to learn and practice when ever I can. I can also work at my own pace which I really like.

Each year as part of my job in the physical therapy program at the University of Rhode Island (the part I love the most) I take a group of students to Guatemala to do volunteer work at a school and therapy center for children with disabilities. I have to be able to communicate with the staff at the center, with the children and their families and the locals in the community where we stay. I’m no where near fluent, but Rosetta Stone has helped me to be able to not only do my job better, but to experience more deeply the richness of the culture and the people who are now my friends.

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  • Chris Abraham

    I think that Rosetta Stone is a perfect adjunct to other books and classes and courses and so forth. Because no matter how many hours of classes you can fit into your schedule during the day, you can spend an infinite number of hours with Rosetta Stone TOTALe. It is way better than spending all of my time with flash cards.

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