Rosetta Stone Customer Success Says: ¡Hola! Guten Tag! Ni hao! Dia duit! Namaste!

You’ve seen us on Facebook and Twitter, and you may have even chatted with us on the phone. Whether behind the scenes of a Rosetta Studio session or helping you reach success through a chat, we’re the people supporting, assisting, and providing you with the language-learning resources you want and need. Regardless of your need—technical, motivational, inspirational, or something else—our goal is to interact with learners like you on a daily basis and in the most convenient way for you. We know you’ll be successful with Rosetta Stone, and we’ll help ensure you’re having a great time getting there! Our wonderful community of learners always inspires us, and we read every bit of information and feedback you send our way. We welcome all questions and suggestions you might have regarding language learning, your program, or how to succeed in your learning experience. Follow us, friend us, or call us and join in the conversation.

Meet Your Rosetta Stone Customer Success Team


SS, French learner

anne marie

AW, French learner


AAS, French learner

shaniceSC, Spanish learner

facebook ashleigh e1396975723839AB, French learner

sandra e1396972766537SQ, Portuguese learner

christyCM, Spanish learner

jayJT, French learner

djDJ, Spanish learner

facebook sarah e1396975650545SD, Spanish (LA) learner

edES, Italian learner

alexDAS, German learner

aaronAD, Spanish learner

nilofer saidi facebook e1396972833600NS, Japanese & Italian learner

Looking forward to your language-learning success!
–Anne-Marie Walworth and the rest of the Customer Success Team

(866) 834-6115

  • Karen Gray

    I recently purchases version 4 of RS. I installed the application disk and the result was a successful download. However, the program will not launch. I talked endlessly with tech support and they just kept telling me to do it again and again, which I did. i also downloaded v4 from the internet to no avail. again a successful download but no launch. i have a new MacBookAir so the computer is up to the task. What suggestions do you have?
    Thanks! Karen

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Karen, Someone from our Customer Success Team will be contacting you by email or telephone. We can definitely help you solve this problem, and get you started on your language journey. Thanks for letting us know about your issues!

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