‘How Can We Better Support English Language Learners?’ We Have a Few Ideas.

K-12 teacher helping student learn English.Larry Ferlazzo and Education Week took the opportunity in his Classroom Q&A blog to ask the following: What are the greatest challenges to improving ELL student achievement, and how can we overcome them? What are the best strategies schools can use to close the achievement gap for students with disabilities and English Language Learners?

Luckily, we know something about this subject.

Fewer than 10% of Americans are fluent in more than one language, and only 25% of elementary schools offered foreign language education in 2008—the ages in which the human brain is best equipped to acquire new language skills.

The answer to this gap between our ambitions and our facilities is the exciting world of education technology. The technology at our disposal through solutions like those developed by Rosetta Stone allow students to become more engaged with the material, to work at their own pace, and to work anywhere, anytime.

We’ve seen firsthand the importance of language learning to the futures of the world’s students and how our revolutionary technologies can help:

  • Students learn new languages efficiently and effectively, giving them more marketable skills for the global economy
  • English Language Learners improve their English skills to be more successful in class
  • Teachers acquire new language skills that can help them address a student body that is becoming increasingly diverse.

Rosetta Stone® educational solutions help students quickly gain language skills with:

  • Carefully structured core lessons
  • Live online coaching sessions with native speakers
  • Fun and engaging interactive activities
  • Tools to track progress
  • Mobile resources so students can work through their lessons on any device

As we engage our students in this competitive global economy and address the growing gap experienced by our growing ELL population, it’s important that cultural competency and language learning be supported in this country’s future education reforms. These programs will help prepare every student for college and career.

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