How Turning Your Employees Into Advocates Can Make A More Productive Workplace

Creating and fostering a relationship of respect between management and employees is fostering respect between management and employees is key to a productive workplaceone of the best steps you can take to produce a happy and efficient workplace. It’s important that employees feel that their expertise and knowledge is recognized and sought after by their managers, so that they feel like a valued part of an organization’s efforts and not mere “workplace drones.”

One method becoming increasingly popular is the creation of employee advocacy programs, turning employees into brand ambassadors for your company or product to their friends and family. If you’re unfamiliar with or unsure of the idea of employee advocacy programs, there are some very real advantages that you should consider when deciding to include employee advocacy as part of your corporate training program.


Fox Business reported on a recent study from Gallup that looked at five traits exhibited by great managers. According to the report, one of the most crucial management challenges is keeping employees engaged, motivated, and working collectively toward a singular shared goal. Giving employees a more active role in advocating your brand can help bring a revitalized feeling of excitement to the workplace. Making brand advocacy a company-wide effort among employees can give your workplace exciting new outlets for creativity and collaboration, and lead to better business communication skills.

A blog published by social media management site Sprinklr suggested that adding an element of gamification to employee advocacy efforts can be a great way to foster friendly competition with the goal of increasing motivation and producing stronger results. Not surprisingly, “the assertiveness to drive outcomes” is listed by Gallup as another key management competency.


One surefire way to improve company productivity, and another one of the skills highlighted in Gallup’s study, is having the ability to foster a work environment where employee accountability is the norm. Accountability is crucial from both sides; managers will appreciate the boost to results they will undoubtedly see when employees are made accountable for their results, and your workforce will appreciate the faith you put in its abilities, which can lead to better work performance.

Employee advocacy programs can be a great way to openly place a greater level of trust in your workforce. From a management perspective, treating brand advocacy and awareness as a results-oriented activity rather than a task-specific one can encourage employees to set and strive for long-term goals, as well as make your workers feel like they are a valued part of your company team. Encouraging your employees to be the face of your company when interacting with their friends and family may seem like an added responsibility, but it is also a chance for them to directly demonstrate their skills to management. Knowing that you value their knowledge and ability enough to entrust them with spreading brand awareness is a great way to get workers to give their all, not just when it comes to customer service, but with their interactions in the office as well.

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