I can't believe it's really this easy!

computerI received The Rosetta Stone (Spanish-Latin America Level 1 & 2) for my birthday last month as a gift. I had been wanting to try it and had suggested to my boss that we (my coworkers and I) should get the software because of the large number of non-English speaking people we deal with daily. My boss didn’t go for it, but now that I have the software and can actually SHOW how well the software works, I’m hoping she’ll reconsider! I saw all the ads on TV but I just couldn’t believe it could be THAT easy. It really is! And its fun. Rosetta Stone is no gimick! It actually is what they promise. Next birthday, I’m going for French!

– Christi, Henderson, Nevada

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  • Maria Sanches

    Hi!!! live in Brazil. I’m going to Miami on Aug. 23. I wonder where I can buy the rosette stonne level 4 and 5 in English. and 1 and 2 in German.
    I’ll be staying Shore Club 1901 Collins Avenue ,Miami
    which the address closest to my hotel where I can buy the rosette stone?
    Maria Sanches

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Maria, you can order online at RosettaStone.com, or you can call (877) 434-8913 from inside the US. Also, you can visit a kiosk near where you’re staying, which you can find using this website: http://www.rosettastone.com/global/retail. You can order a package from Brazil too, although the shipping and import taxes can be expensive. Keep in mind that Version 4 TOTALe is not optimized for use in Brazil, so you may have difficulty getting support and scheduling Studio sessions. Otherwise, please enjoy the product!

  • Gwen Mays

    I bought my son the Spanish Level 1-3 product for his MACbook. We just installed an update and are now getting a fatal application error. Did you experience this with any updates? Can someone offer any help?

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