I "officially" speak Portuguese!

portuguese helloI work for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Every summer we are inundated with large numbers of tour groups visiting us from Brazil. These groups generally consist of 100 or more teenagers and a couple of very harried tour guides. While we do have cast members who speak Portuguese – we sponsor a cultural exchange program for Brazilian students – the number of cast members who speak Portuguese is very low. In order to be a more effective Leader, both for our guests from Brazil and for our Brazilian cast members, I decided I would learn Portuguese. If I was able to pass a language test, I would be given a “language pin” a special nametag given to our cast who speak other languages so that speakers of that language can easily identify cast members who can help them. So, just under three months ago, I purchased an online subscription to Rosetta Stone. I practiced 30 to 60 minutes everyday. I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick up the language with your program. I studied Italian for 4 years in college and have barely retained any of it. But after just a few months of using your program, I felt I was ready to take my language test. And, you guessed it, I passed! In less than three months I was able to speak well enough to be identified as someone who “officially” speaks Portuguese! Thank you!!!!


Orlando, Florida

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  • William G.

    Parabéns, Alison! Muito bem.

  • Sandra R.

    Que maravilha! Estamos orgulhosos de sua conquista!

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