Inspire Others by Sharing Your Language Story: Enter to Win $10,000 Toward a Dream Trip

We often receive passionate, funny, and inspiring personal anecdotes about language learning from members of our communities on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen that a wide range of motives inspire our fans and followers to embark upon language journeys. Among these are the desires to honor an Irish heritage, connect with grandparents in Taiwan, and to aid those who live in the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan. We certainly don’t need to convince people that learning a second, third, or even fourth language is about more than just words. It’s about connecting with and understanding others. It’s about gaining a different perspective and realizing that we all share something in common.

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Each story we receive is unique and encouraging. The enthusiasm and yearning for knowledge shown by our storytellers are inspiring. Their stories persuade others to reach out to someone else and say, “nǐ hǎo.”

To celebrate the power of the personal language anecdote, we’re inviting all lovers of language learning to tell their stories. Through a special application on our Facebook Page, you can submit your language story in text or video format. You can also browse through others’ stories and vote on those you find compelling.

One storyteller will win the chance of a lifetime—$10,000 toward a dream trip to immerse themselves and their family or friends in a new language and culture. A runner-up winner will receive $5,000.

How to participate:

1. Submit your language story through the application on the RosettaStory tab on the Rosetta Stone Facebook Page.

2. Upload your story in text or video format through September 18, 2011.

3. Vote on other stories and encourage others to vote for your story through September 30, 2011.

Winners will be chosen by a selection panel that will consider various judging criteria, including ratings from the public.

Click for the official Terms and Conditions.

Share to inspire others. Your story is powerful and important.

*Update: “Discovering My Future in China” by Tameika Tinsley won the grand prize in our “More than Words. Stories” contest. The runner-up prize went to “Finding Love in Gaeilge” by Jennie Slade. Congratulations to our winners!

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