Rosetta Stone #SmallerWorld Challenge on Instagram! Week 12

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Our world is getting smaller every day. Here at Rosetta Stone, we see more and more people learning a new language in order to bridge gaps between people, cultures, and continents. And so we want to give our fans, followers, and language learners another chance to help make this world of ours a smaller, smarter, and more tolerant place.


Here’s how we’re going to do it: the #SmallerWorld Challenge Share with us for a chance to WIN!

Every Monday for the next 12 weeks, we’ll pose a different challenge calling on you to snap a pic or take a video, and then post it on Instagram.

How it works

  • Follow us! — If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram.
  • Tag us! — When you post your pic or video, use these hashtags: #SmallerWorld and either #RosettaStone or @RosettaStone
  • Now, you’re entered to win!

When you post your image or video to your Instagram feed and tag us with both hashtags, you’ll be entered into our contest for a chance to win! Each week we’ll be giving away a six-month Rosetta Stone online subscription, which will get you learning—and speaking— your new language instantly!

C’mon! Get ready!

Check in here and on our Instagram page to see what each week’s challenge is.

Week #12: This Week’s Challenge 


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Instructions: Last challenge! Point to your dream destination on a map. Follow us, and tag it with #SmallerWorld + @RosettaStone for a chance to win a #RosettaStone subscription!

Now’s your chance to help make this place we live in a #SmallerWorld. 

Every day, millions of people use a second language to make a happier, smarter, and more connected world. Join them! Visit the #SmallerWorld home page to sign up for a free 3-day trial and get started today!

Does Rosetta Stone work?

We invite you to find out for yourself! Take our free demo today. Then, learn more about Rosetta Stone online subscriptions and get started on your new language today!   Terms and Conditions for the #SmallerWorld challenge.

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