[Interactive Demo] Experience Rosetta Stone® for Business

Rosetta Stone Business demo, global communication, workforce developmentMany people recognize Rosetta Stone as the leading personal language-learning solution. But it can make an even larger impact when leveraged across an entire enterprise.

Business is expanding globally. Some organizations are finding themselves exploring opportunities overseas to take advantage of emerging markets. Others find themselves hiring talent from across the globe in an effort to remain competitive. Both situations require language and cultural competency skills to be successful.

That’s why bringing Rosetta Stone® Business language-learning solutions into your organization can make such a difference. Some of those benefits include:

  • Greater productivity
  • Successful expansion into new markets
  • Increased employee engagement
  • A more valuable workforce

It’s worth it to see our award-winning language learning solution for yourself through our new interactive demo. Click here to experience our interactive demo yourself!

The demo allows participants to:

  • See how our interactive approach engages learners
  • Learn how Live Tutoring and instant speech feedback guide pronunciation
  • Discover reporting tools that let you easily track and monitor learner progress

You will come out with a deeper understanding of just how beneficial blended learning can be in your talent development practice, how it can lead to increased employee success, and how the technology can work in your unique setting.

Business opportunities in the 21st century don’t wait. And neither should you.

Experience the Rosetta Stone® Business demo for yourself today—for free.

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