[Interactive Demo] Experience Rosetta Stone® for K-12 Education

Student using tablet to learn with Rosetta StoneMany people recognize Rosetta Stone as the leading personal language learning solution. But what many educators don’t know is that Rosetta Stone® Education offers effective solutions for the classroom.

In an education system that is majority-minority and where English language learning students will make up 25 percent of the student population, helping these learners attain English proficiency is crucial.

Meanwhile, the 21st century economy is becoming flatter, with workers from around the world contending for the same jobs and having to collaborate with each other when that job is won. Today’s students need language and cultural competency skills in order to compete.

That’s why bringing Rosetta Stone into your ELL and World Language classrooms can make such a difference in the lives of students, and why it’s worth it to see our award-winning language-learning solution for yourself through our new interactive demo.

Click here to experience our interactive demo yourself!

The demo allows participants to:

  • Learn how our proven approach engages students
  • See how Live Tutoring and instant speech feedback guide pronunciation
  • Discover reporting tools that let you easily track and monitor student progress

You will come out of the demo with a deeper understanding of just how beneficial blended learning can be in your language learning practice, how it can lead to increased student success, and how the technology can work in your unique setting.

Our students deserve the best tools available to take their learning to the next level. Luckily, those tools are within every educator’s reach.

Click here to experience the Rosetta Stone® Education demo and see for yourself how our language-learning program builds students’ confidence.

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