Internationalizing Education – The Importance of Global Competency

Now more than ever, our students and educators need language skills and global competencies to succeed in the global economy. In celebration of International Education Week (IEW), which promotes international education, cultural exchanges, and programs that prepare global citizens, we share insights from elementary teacher Tom Young who participated in a year-long Global Fellowship Program through the NEA Foundation:

The biggest impact on my teaching has been pushing students to see beyond their own school, town, and state. There is a whole world of students working on some of the same curriculum, issues, and challenges that we are dealing with in our small little town. With today’s technology connecting our economies, cultures, and social issues, it is important to start thinking about working together to achieve similar desired outcomes.

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During my travel, the importance of being able to communicate and have discourse with Brazilian educators and leaders was extremely beneficial and powerful. Hearing different perspectives and ideas for their students’ future made a powerful impact on me. By eliminating language barriers, think of the conversations that we could have with educators from around the world.

My view has changed in regards to younger grades (that is what I teach) truly working with and understanding the importance of global competency. Until my own personal journey through the Global Fellowship, the study of Brazil, and the interaction with educators from all over the country, I never realized the importance of this and how it can/will affect the future of my students and our world.

The exposure was powerful and transformational for me. I truly feel every educator should have the chance to personally learn about the importance of Global Competency.

Learn how educators can prepare themselves and their students to take on the world here.

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