Introducing the Higher Education Section of the Rosetta Stone Blog

Through Rosetta Stone Education’s partnerships with hundreds of universities and colleges across the United States, we have been in a privileged position to observe some of the major changes impacting higher education.

From budget cuts to globalization to the rise of online learning, we all know that our institutions are shifting to adapt to a changing world. We want to help you get ahead of the trends, and to provide a place where you can share your valuable experience.

With these weekly posts, we hope to engage the higher ed community in discussion about the topics that impact us all – and when we sat down for an initial brainstorm on the relevant issues, the list was long.

For a start, we expect to:

  • cover news and issues around language learning and teaching at U.S. colleges and universities;
  • explore topics about helping students develop “global competence”;
  • share best practices of how community colleges and professional schools are providing high-level and cost-effective language training;
  • delve into blended learning with ESL and foreign language programs; and
  • investigate how universities are working with their growing numbers of international students on campus.

Our goal here, as always, is to partner with language faculty and higher ed administrators to help you successfully provide language instruction in ways that fit your high standards (and budgets) as well as the changing learning styles and demands of your students.

We welcome your suggestions on additional topics or your comments and questions about how Rosetta Stone works with higher education.

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