Rosetta Stone Swedish – Getting Back to Swedish!

So where could you go to see people making cartoon faces and becoming mouth contortionists, all while trying to learn a language? Well, you could have traveled to my Swedish class as part of a study-abroad program in Stockholm in 2008, or you could visit my living room now. I recently launched into the Rosetta Stone Swedish program hoping to reclaim a lot of the language skills I lost upon leaving Stockholm. Immediately I found myself making silly faces while trying to pronounce the vowels y and ö. To a nonnative speaker, these vowels can cause some confusion as their particular sounds aren’t like those of any vowel in English.

I knew that the first few lessons of Swedish were going to be a great review of what I already knew, but I had no idea how quickly it would get me thinking in the language again. I found myself coming up with words and phrases more quickly when talking in Swedish around my apartment. I have a roommate who was in Stockholm when I was and who provides me with regular Swedish practice. Admittedly, when I started my Studio sessions I was very nervous at first about speaking with a native speaker again, but the exercises definitely prepared me for everything I was going to encounter in Rosetta Studio.

Coming out of kräftskiva season, I can’t wait to get to more Swedish and become a much more fluent speaker than I was at the time. Stay tuned for more svensk adventures, and maybe I will link to some Robyn or Familjen from time to time!

cooked crayfish red

Sean celebrates summertime by eating crayfish, as they do in Sweden.

Sean Holmquest

Sean Holmquest is a web producer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked as a freelance film editor and writer, held positions with an independent music artist and a Hollywood production company, and written and directed several short, experimental films. Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in literary arts from Brown University. During college, he spent a semester abroad in Stockholm, Sweden, taking classes in Swedish film, art, and architecture. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the bassoon, impersonating Gilda Radner, spontaneously registering for marathons, and making his own pizza.
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