Join Educators from Across the Country to #GetLanguageReady

0352-edu-getlanguageready-microsite-social-blog-440x325-wbg-1610The state of language learning in the United States is about to reach a crisis point. The world economy is becoming more reliant on language skills in order to reach professional success. Meanwhile, the nation’s foreign language programs continue to be one of the first considerations when it’s time to close budget deficits.

That’s why we’ve decided to raise awareness of these coming challenges by imploring everyone to #GetLanguageReady.

Our new #GetLanguageReady site has a wealth of new information in order for you to become familiar with the state of language skills in our schools and around the world, as well as insights into how you can start helping your students bridge the language gap.

It starts with our new eBook, “Closing the World Language Education Gap”. We present the facts on the state of language learning in the US, including how only 18 percent of the nation’s K-12 students study a world language and the growing demand for language skills.

But it’s’ not all doom-and-gloom. In the eBook, we also discuss steps that can be taken to make sure your students don’t become a statistic. Some of those steps are covered in our other #GetLanguageReady offerings.

Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina recently completed a top-down reimagining of how they provide world language students to their 6,000 students. In Mooresville, blended learning is a crucial cog in their educational machine, and a new video shows you how their method works.

Luis Govea Moreno used the same tools to pull himself from his arrival from Mexico speaking only rudimentary English to winning a scholarship to attend Stanford University this fall. His inspiring story should become the norm, not the exception.

We often hear of the differences technology can make in the classroom, but it’s rare to hear from a student who himself is the product of a complete blended learning program. Timmy Sullivan writes about the benefits of online learning, particularly in the language space, and how it can help all students achieve success.

Once you’ve seen the benefits of providing language learning to more of your students, take the #GetLanguageReady pledge for a chance to win a free pizza party for your class!

With all of these tools at your disposal, the way forward is clear: more language learning through technology for every student in the country!

Click here to check out the new #GetLsnguageReady site!

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