Language Love: How Rosetta Stone Is Going to Help Xavier Nab His Dream Job

The following excerpt is written by high school student and linguistics enthusiast Xavier. He has a deep interest in language learning and discusses why it is so important to him and how it will help him learn more about other cultures and countries. He is currently learning Russian with Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta  Stone has been an undeniably remarkable feature of the Global Studies and World Languages Academy. One of the main reasons that I applied here was because I could have the opportunity to use something to help me learn what I want to work with when I am older. I would like to work at the CIA as a NCS Language Officer, which requires the knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Korean, Pashto, Farsi Persian, Russian or Somali. These languages are gateways to a world of new opportunities, and since the CIA is losing people who can speak these languages, it’s very important that they find anyone who can.

We were able to use our Rosetta Stone in November 2011, and I got on it as soon as I went home.  Since we could use it anytime, I did exactly that. I would go home and log on and do it for up to 30 minutes. I would do it during my study block, and even do it while I was going to different places across the city. Since it is easy to use, I find it fun and convenient to use it whenever I can.

I’ve always been a person who loves to talk to others, and being able to speak in different languages with unique accents just gives me bursts of energy! I’m currently working on the Russian one, and I love how the pronunciation makes my tongue do acrobatics with ease.  Out of all the functions of Rosetta  Stone, honestly my favorite features are just the lessons. It goes through every last one of the features (Reading, Writing, Listening, Pronunciation and Speaking), plus it teaches you words and phrases so learning is not a super rigorous training drill. With what you’ve remembered, you can apply it with people of the country who speak the language you’re learning and have a real life conversation! Once you can understand them, it’s like a spark ignites inside of you to want to go to the country.

St. Basil Cathedral

I plan on traveling to several countries of the languages I speak so I can truly understand the beauty of that country’s culture!  I recently went to the African American Male Summit at Landstown High School, and when I was doing a tour of the universities that were there, I spoke with a representative of the University of Virginia. He asked me what I wanted to study and I responded “Linguistics. “ Then he responded by saying that UVA has 21 languages. As soon as I heard this, I said that I would do everything in my power to get into UVA so I can keep acquiring more knowledge about the world.

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