Learned German in 7 Months

andrewI was born in Germany, but when i was very young my family and I moved to the USA. All of my family spoke German and because I was so young I had not even started talking by the time we left Germany. I was raised in an English speaking world and in a culture that spoke no German. I always felt like an outsider because everyone in my family spoke German except me. By the time I turned eighteen I purchased the Rosetta Stone German, and within 7 months I was speaking fluently. My whole family and I were amazed. THANK YOU ROSETTA STONE!

–Andrew, Shreveport, Louisiana

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  • Janice

    Yes – he used RS to get the basis, but he could speak the language with family members and probably friends as well on a regular basis. THAT is the formula for true fluency!!

  • pooks

    I want to learn khymer (Cambodian),,,Rosetta Stone Co. told me they do not have that !

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