Learning a Language and Finding Love Online

Two years ago I visited France to meet a wonderful guy I had been chatting with online. Although I had taken French in College, my conversation skills were non-existent in French. Fortunately he spoke great English, but that first trip was so difficult when trying to speak with his family and friends who did not speak English. After buying some language CDs, books and taking a refresher French course last year, I still had difficulty carrying on a conversation in French. A friend told me about Rosetta Stone and I checked it out at the airport after one of my trips to France. I purchased a six month online membership for French levels 1,2 and 3. I can now speak the language and have a more complete understanding than I did from any other books or programs. Being a visual learner, the pictures and interactive audio really improved my pronunciation and conversation skills. I am planning on moving to France this year and Rosetta Stone has really given me the confidence to begin a new life there with my Frenchman!


Marietta, Georgia

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