Learning a language is accessible to anyone.

My name is Derek McDaniel, I have been a student of a two different languages myself and have volunteered teaching english. While I have not used Rosetta in my own language learning process, I have been able to appreciate the way it has helped others.

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Click on the image above to demo coursework and a game in Version 4 TOTALe.

One thing I have noticed about language learning, is that some people seem to intuitively understand how to approach learning a new language and catch on quickly. On the other hand, others may put forth ample time, effort, and energy, but make little progress. Trying to explain how to approach the learning process is difficult, it’s more something that needs to be experienced. The Rosetta stone program allows people to do exactly that. I’ve seen firsthand how this simple straightforward program is accessible even to those who struggle the very most.

It’s approach does not center on repetitive memorization or disecting complicated grammar rules, but on making using and experiencing the language as simple and comfortable as possible. While there may be nothing as valuable to learning as real life experience with real people, rosetta stone provides an environment to develop the confidence and learning skills necessary to take advantage of such opportunities. But perhaps best of all, Rosetta Stones ease of use makes language learning accessible to anyone.


Provo, Utah

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