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yigenuren1I’m a UCLA graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics. I’ve studied a variety of foreign languages for years, and have self-taught myself a few of them, but I have never seen, and am not aware of, any other language course with such a dynamic and rapid approach to language learning. It’s the only language learning regime I know of that teaches language in a “First Language Acquisition” fashion. Every other course I’m familiar with, which is quite a few, teaches in a “Second Language Acquisition” fashion. I finished all three levels of Russian in just two months, and I am reviewing Chinese (Mandarin), with all three levels of the Chinese language course. I recommend your courses, first and foremost, to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a foreign language with the goal of learning that target language, because, being versed in linguistics myself, I can see that the designers of your courses are linguists, who are well-versed in phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics, the core areas of linguistics. You’re the best!!!


Los Angeles County, California

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  • Chris Crook

    I’m an English teacher working in Beijing, and I’m currently using Rosetta Stone to boost my level of spoken Mandarin.

    Chinese education – I’m not sure if you’re aware of this – relies heavily on learning by rote. I’ve taught taught students English supplementing both the Wall Street Institute method and using the DynEd Dynamic English computer software. Rosetta Stone is hands down the finest langauge learning software I’ve seen. Everyone here in China is looking for the “magic solution” that is going to teach students English in the fastest and easiest way – there’s a lot of money to be made here teaching ESL.

    I’ve been using the Rosetta Stone software to learn Chinese without writing anything down, without doing any homework and without “trying” to remember anything and I can safely say that I’m beating the vast majority of my students with the Immersion Method that Rosetta Stone teaches.

    I made a video of myself doing a Milestone level check and posted it on a Chinese video sharing site. One my Chinese friends said that she felt ashamed of the rote method she had been forced to learn English because she had studied for around 10 years to get to the level that I was at – I had been studying with Rosetta Stone for 9 months.

    In short, I think that the students attitude towards learning and the method that is used is key to learning a language quickly. For me, I’m in total agreement with you that RS is the best way to learn a second language.

  • Josefina

    I finished University of Havana, as Traslater of Russian Language to Spanish in 1988. I live in the US, and I would like to work in the Rosetta Stone. I have more than 15 years of experience in my speciality. I flued speak spanish, russian and english,
    I would like to have a more near contact with you or have an appointment,
    Best regards,

  • rvoiceadmin

    Hi, Josefina. Thanks for your interest! Feel free to visit our Careers site at We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Jodie

    This is not really relevant, but that photo in the post is of a women dressed in the Japanese style, not Chinese.
    Just had to say something.

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