Love in another language? Rosetta Stone has an app for that!

We’re excited to bring our Facebook fans something fun and fanciful for Valentine’s Day: our first Facebook app! Send a Valentine’s Day greeting to any of your Facebook friends in one of seven languages, plus add a gift to post on their wall. The purpose of the app isn’t to teach you a language; instead, it’s a tool that lets our fans have fun with a new language (and possibly get a date!).

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So feel free to send a Rosetta Stone Valentine’s Day greeting to your significant other, your friends, or everyone you know! We had a great time creating this app and hope you enjoy using it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click to send a message using the Rosetta Stone Valentine’s Day App.

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  • Daniel

    I think you guys would make tons of money and help tons of people if you offered *Biblical Greek and Hebrew Rosetta Stone! 😀

    I bought a Greek Grammar, but the lecturer totally psyches you out by making greek sound like some phenomenal, heavy task; instead of a pleasure and a joy — I think you guys could do a much better job!

  • Marie

    Daniel, get Rosetta Stone, learn Modern Greek and Hebrew. This is what I did with Greek, and let me tell you, it completely changed how I approach ancient languages for the better. It gets you thinking in Greek and internalizing the grammar rules so you can focus on the subtlety and nuance of the language instead of “3rd person singular aorist indicative active.” You’d be amazed at how much learning the modern languages can enhance your understanding of the ancient ones, with the added bonus that you actually get to use it in conversation! Might as well try it with a 6 month refund guarantee anyway. It could revolutionize how you approach language learning, just like it did for me.

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