Love Rosetta Stone and the Italian Language I'm Learning!

Ciao! I purchased Rosetta Stone Italian Levels 1 & 2 a couple of months ago. I’ve been hearing good things about Rosetta Stone for a long time and decided to give it a try. I always wanted to learn Italian just because it’s such a beautiful language and I would like to go to Italy one day. I think Rosetta Stone is the only program anyone should use to learn a new language. Sometimes I will go into Barnes and Nobles and think about getting an additional Italian dictionary or Idiots guide but when I look through it, it just doesn’t bicicleta1compare to Rosetta Stone. Books that give you translations do not help you learn a language or how to pronounce it correctly. The best thing I like about this program is that the voice of the people who are pronouncing the words are true Italians. They are not American’s trying to pass off an Italian accent or computer type voice. You can hear the true Italian flare in their voices. I think its so funny how our brain works. Through repetition of pictures and hearing the words, you come to an understanding of what the word means without translation or any English.

After just two months, I feel pretty confident with the language and what’s even more exciting for me is whenever the program introduces a new word, I know how to pronounce before the word is actually spoken. So it not only teaches you how to speak words but it teaches you how to read Italian. For an example, I just began Unit 2 lesson 3 last night and the word they introduce was città (city). I knew from the other words that I learned in the previous unit that anything that begins with or has a “ci” is pronounced like “chee” or makes the “ch” sound like in the word “church” (cielo & bicicletta). It’s the same thing with chiama. I know that anything that begins with or has a “chi” is pronounced like “key” such as macchina (mah-key-na) and chiavi (key-ah-vee). So I can’t wait to get to the point where I’m more fluent in Italian and get to Italian level 2. I’m so glad that I got level 1 and 2 together because if you are like me and get excited about what you are learning, you will do the program everyday for a couple of hours. So hopefully next year I will be able to go to Italy and be speaking Italian fluently. Grazie Rosetta Stone!


Irving, Texas

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  • Phoenix Language School

    i think its very beneficial program. how much i have paid to get it ?

    • Rosetta Stone

      You can see our pricing on our website, We also offer a five-part payment program in order to help make our products more affordable. Thanks for your interest.

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