Do You #lovelanguage this Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the air at Rosetta Stone corporate headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. We’re one week into our annual Valentine’s Day promotion, and the social media team is making the most of the season.

Back in elementary school, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day involved glitter and glue sticks. A close second? Eating cupcakes. But I absolutely adored making cards for my classmates. I could cut out construction paper hearts like it was my job. Writing everyone’s name in loopy, cursive letters seemed like the epitome of thoughtfulness. It still does.

Check out my Valentine's Day card featuring my favorite dog.

Check out my Valentine’s Day card featuring my beloved dog, Goose.

And in the spirit of thoughtfulness, Rosetta Stone is making Valentine’s Day just a little bit sweeter with a make-your-own-valentine tool. Just upload a photo of you and your loved one, and send it to them on Facebook. You can also create a more general greeting and post it to your wall, so all your friends can see it. The best part? You can include a “sweet nothing” in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Irish, or my personal favorite, Latin. Check it out. 

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we polled nearly 100,000 people from across the globe to get their opinions on love and language. Check out the resulting infographic here.

Rosetta Stone also invites you to indulge in warm, fuzzy feelings with help from our favorite love songs. We’ve teamed up with Spotify to make an evolving February playlist of the world’s best: Rosetta Stone #lovelanguage. Message us with the hashtag #lovelanguage to make love- song recommendations. Follow our playlist to see what gets added.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than cards and candy. The holiday is a great time to reflect on all the people (and animals) that make life great. There’s romantic love, yes; but love comes in many forms. There’s love for family, friends, strangers, and community.

The way I see it, Rosetta Stone aims to connect people around the world through language. Valentine’s Day provides us with a great opportunity to celebrate human connections. We hope you have fun celebrating with us this year!

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