Marion’s Picks: Code Talkers and other Native Language Stories

If you’re interested in indigenous languages and cultures, have a look at a few of my favorite resources on the web:

  • Native Words, Native Warriors Learn more about the history of Native languages in North America, and their repression and eventual use by Native troops as codes that sealed the success of Allied forces in World War II. The Smithsonian Institution has created this website, which is a perfect unit for teachers to use to introduce students to Native languages.
  • The Rosetta Project The Rosetta Project (no relation to Rosetta Stone!) is an ambitious project to build a publicly accessible digital library of the world’s languages. Download a Google Earth Linguistic Layer, and make learning about endangered languages a part of your next trip, virtual or otherwise! Check out their blog too.
  • Indigenous Peoples Issues Hear the voices of indigenous people talking about their lives and their concerns. The interactive map will transport you with song and image to some of the most endangered peoples and places of the world.

To learn more about Rosetta Stone’s Endangered Language Program, visit our website. And you can also read my previous blog posts about this subject.

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