Meeting new friends

brandon in china
For our 40th wedding anniversary my wife commented that “walking on the Great Wall of China” was on her “bucket list”. We purchased Rosetta Stone Chinese and planned our trip. There was some apprehension but after arriving in Beijing we put to use all we had learned. Now our trip has given us long lasting friends, lots of smiles and memories of a great adventure to China. We will host one of our new friends here in the USA in a few months. Thanks Rosetta Stone. Now we are going to learn Spanish and plan a new adventure.

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  • Jennifer S.

    Was learning chinese(mandarin) with Rosetta Stone difficult? I am planning to learn the language but my friends and parents told me it’s too hard.

  • Rosetta Stone Storyteller

    Hi Jennifer – You can try an interactive demo of our Chinese (Mandarin) product here and find out for yourself. Let us know what you think.

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