MGSD Promoting Student Success Through Language Instruction

K-6 students in language lab learning with technologyRosetta Stone announced that it will provide the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) with foreign language-learning modules for 3,000 students in its five elementary and intermediate schools.

The language program will debut in September and offer Spanish and French initially.

Rosetta Stone has been working with MGSD to develop a foundation of early language. Structured according to grade level, the independent study language instruction will be incorporated into the school day, with every student receiving daily instruction cumulating in a minimum of one hour of weekly instruction supervised by a proctor. Teachers will have the option to incorporate additional exposure time if schedules allow.

“We are excited that MGSD’s pioneering journey in digital advancement will continue with help from Rosetta Stone,” Superintendent Mark Edwards said. “We know from research that the benefits of early language acquisition are many, especially in better preparing our students for success in today’s increasingly global and diverse marketplace. But in the absence of language teachers at our elementary and intermediate levels, we needed a scalable way to provide even our youngest learners the opportunity for exposure to a new language they would otherwise not receive.”

Edwards noted the addition of the language-learning program is testament to the district’s commitment to providing faculty with the most effective instructional tools—be it a laptop computer or a virtual teaching tool—to provide students what they need to succeed.

Rosetta Stone is proud to play a part in preparing Mooresville’s younger students for the intense language instruction that awaits them in middle and high school,” said Judy Verses, president of the Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education division. “Not only will this technology afford students the opportunity to learn a new language both in school and at home, it will allow teachers to use this technology to personalize learning experiences, track learner data, monitor student progress and, ultimately, obtain better results for our students.”

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