Mooresville Graded School District’s Success Is on Display

Mooresville, Minority, Student, Language LearningWe get excited when we have the opportunity to hear from customers on the ground who are actually using our products and can see the differences they are making in their students. And because not everyone can go visit these sites, that feedback comes in the form of videos that we are happy to share.

Our latest is from the Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina, a district of about 6,000 students that sees language learning as being critical to the future success of their students.

Mooresville has been forward-thinking for many years in terms of using technology in their classes, which made Rosetta Stone a great fit for their long-term strategies. Currently Rosetta Stone solutions are used by the district’s K-8 grades, bringing their user total to 3,000 students.

At Mooresville’s intermediate school, students rotate through the school’s language lab once a week for 45 minutes. In that lab, three languages are being learned at the same time: Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese. Students also have the opportunity to use Rosetta Stone off campus on an unlimited basis.

These strategies have led to greater student engagement, including students who were known to be difficult to engage in the traditional classroom setting. Students have been logging a surprising amount of time on the system outside of class, even though they may not have an assignment on which to work.

Parent engagement is also on the rise in the Mooresville district. In the beginning, parents were quick to buy into Rosetta Stone’s blended learning plan as they saw how valuable language skills can be in the 21st century economy. Since the program has come online, Mooresville has been finding that parents are engaging with their students when the kids are working at home. This has led to a new avenue for communication between parents and the district.

This all feeds into Mooresville’s overall opinion that language learning yields benefits for their students both near- and long-term. Mooresville can be an insulated place, so students are being exposed to cultures and places they would otherwise have missed. In the long term, students themselves understand that language skills will help them accomplish their dreams – whatever those dreams may be.

Mooresville Graded School District is an impressive place that isn’t afraid to do what is right for their students and their futures in college and career.

Click here to see Mooresville’s story for yourself.

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