More than Satisfaction: Making Customers Successful

experience storeHello! Over the last 12 months, we’ve made a transformational change from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success — a more complete focus on our language learners and our company’s new common purpose. Our Customer Success department includes all contact with our learners such as our global service centers, our TOTALe Studio Coaches and our Success Agents. (Success Agents provide you with accountability, motivation and support — think  of them as personal trainers for language learning.) We have expanded onto Facebook, Twitter and, yes, blogs!

Recently I was interviewed by Abi Stern, event director for the Customer Experience Exchange, to talk about this transformation. This is a topic I’m particularly passionate about and wanted to share that conversation with you. You can listen below to this podcast sponsored by International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC).

And stay tuned. In November I’ll be speaking at Customer Experience Exchange 2010 in Monaco. Just this this past week, I started studying French with Rosetta Stone to prepare!

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