[NEW eBook] Expanding Access for Adult English Learners

Adult Ed, ELL, eBook, Rosetta StoneIn the past 20 years, the adult Limited English Proficient population increased over 80 percent. That has led to English language-learning becoming the largest subgroup of the adult education landscape.

This explosive growth provides its share of challenges, but also profound opportunities.

That’s why we’re releasing a pair of new resources to help adult ed practitioners and leaders, including “Technology Transforms Learning: Expanding Access for Adult English Learners”, a comprehensive new eBook.

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The modern challenges of adult education programs include improving retention rates, attracting new students, and making sure those students attain success. But if we properly educate the growing ELL population, we create a ready-made bank of employees with the language skills that are so in demand in today’s workforce.

Across the country, adult education programs are leveraging technology to help create high-performing language classes that achieve these ideals. In some ways, they are pioneers. In others, they simply demonstrate best practices that are common across successful initiatives.

In our eBook, you hear from adult education programs just like yours from across the country. You get to learn from their mistakes and successes, using their expertise to make your program better. They guide you through:

  • Increasing learner engagement and motivation
  • Allowing learners to work at their own pace
  • Personalize instruction
  • Giving your talented instructors student performance data that can inform lessons

When all of these points work together, the results can be striking. For example, the Sweetwater Union High School District in California increased their distance learning enrollment by 60 percent. The College of Western Idaho experienced a 95 percent course completion rate. And that’s just a sample.

The success stories contained in our eBook represent initiatives that have had a transformative effect on their communities and local economies. Your program can join their ranks. The first step is right here:

Click here to receive your copy of “Technology Transforms Learning: Expanding Access for Adult English Learners” today!

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