[New eBook] Lifelong Learning: Language Skills Increase World Readiness

lifelong learning, language learning, language skills, world readinessWe’re excited to bring you this new e-book, all about the role language skills play in the future success of our K-12 students. It’s called Lifelong Learning: Language Skills Increase World Readiness.

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When considering language education for K-12 students, a lot of the focus rightfully falls on preparing those learners for an adulthood where being bilingual is becoming increasingly marketable. But in Lifelong Learning, we also discuss the benefits that language learning brings while the student is still in school.

For English Language Learners, those benefits are obvious: an opportunity to participate in education with their English-native peers and close an increasingly-wide achievement gap. As you know, ELL students – who make up 10 percent of the nation’s student population – are judged by the same rigorous standards as other students.

But there are also the benefits language learning provides for all students. Research shows that skills like working memory, multitasking, critical thinking and more all improve when students learn a second language.

Then there is the globalized world in which these students will need to market themselves.

Once only the domain of a company’s “road warriors”, organizations now demand employees with language skills in all facets of their business. Even here at home, where workers can be imported from throughout the globe. In a few short decades, language skills have gone from a “nice to have” to a prerequisite in many fields.

All of these benefits are valuable, but many school districts struggle with how to provide a language learning program in the face of stagnant budgets and increasing demands on class time. Technology provides the answer.

By providing an always-on learning experience, coupled with a differentiated curriculum that meets the individual needs of every student, blended learning can be a powerful tool to compliment the high-quality instruction provided by world language and ELL educators. This sort of flexibility has the ability to reach every learner, no matter their proficiency or available resources.

It’s time to reconsider the role language learning plays not only in your students’ future, but in their immediate present as well. And it starts with Lifelong Learning.

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