New Features and New Apps: There’s a Lot to Get Excited About!

Rosetta Stone’s first Demo Day was held on August 30, 2012, at our headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. This internal event was hosted by our Research and Development department, which is composed of more than 200 people who innovate, design, and build new products at Rosetta Stone. Demo Day was held to give employees in other departments a behind-the-scenes peek at all of what goes into designing our products. Around thirty of us on the R&D team traveled from our Harrisonburg, Virginia, office to Arlington, where we took over the lobby and conference-room space. It was wonderful to see such energy and excitement. All employees were eager to participate at the 16 demo stations, where they could play Rosetta World games, experience a Rosetta Studio session on an iPad, watch a video of 3D artists creating Rosetta Stone ReFLEX characters, and even pick the brains of R&D team members. With so many new features and apps released lately, there was a lot to get excited about! My favorite part of Demo Day was seeing that the employees from headquarters were more excited than ever about Rosetta Stone products as well as the innovations R&D has underway as we continually strive to provide learners with the best experience possible. What a great success!

Rosetta Stone demo day

A happy cut-out and Rosetta Stone team member posing at Demo Day! The cut-out character is featured in our Rosetta Stone® ReFLEX™ products for the Asian marketplace.

Rosetta Stone iPad

A Rosetta Stone team member using the Rosetta Stone® TOTALe Studio™ HD app for iPad (a great way to take language learning on the go!).

chinese stained glass

A view from the outside of a meeting room at Rosetta Stone headquarters.

woman presenting at computer

Alexie Harper, Executive Producer of the Worlds team at Rosetta Stone, presents. On the monitor, you can see an information screen about Identi™, a game you can find in Rosetta World™.

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