New Infographic on the Evolution of Classroom Language Learning

The state of language learning instruction in K-12

As much as the politicians mention how the United States needs to make their students more competitive in the world’s job markets, language learning in public schools is under increasing attack. Whether it is due to funding shortfalls or simply not enough time in the day to cover everything (especially if you are focusing on math and reading for the upcoming high-stakes test), the fact is that the number of elementary schools that offer language-learning classes has dropped from 32 to 15 percent in the last decade.

If you’ve taken language training, then you may have recognized benefits not just in social and business settings, but perhaps also some cognitive benefits throughout the day. Language learning in K-12 happens to benefit the rest of the subject areas as well, especially for our ELL learners.

education inforgraphicThe classroom technological revolution

As language learning shrinks in the educational setting, blending learning – or the use of technology to augment learning strategies both inside and outside of the classroom – has exploded, to the tune of 3 million K-12 students taking an online class in 2009. Schools and districts are adopting tablets and other technology gadgets at exponential rates.

The reasoning behind this movement is simple: technology gets results, and it’s becoming more intuitive, personalized, and available everywhere. The days of the school-wide computer lab is over. That lab now fits in a student’s pocket and schools are always looking for ways to leverage that technology.

These benefits are just as powerful in language learning as they are in the other subject areas, with Rosetta Stone leading the way in expanding the capabilities of these devices.

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