[NEW Playbook] Driving Employee Engagement with Language Training

BUS HRPlaybook Blog 440x325 300x222Communication problems due to language barriers plague 90% of organizations today. And if you’re like most business line leaders, you’re not telling anyone about it.

In fact, only 3 in 10 seek HR’s help in finding solutions to these challenges. But HR can do more to help than you may think to grow your team into a global-ready powerhouse. It may even have a secret weapon called language training to drive employee engagement, and we have a playbook for that we’d like to share with you.

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Engaging and retaining top talent is an important HR responsibility. While HR leaders can take several approaches to increase retention, one way to accomplish this is to ensure that communication barriers within the organization and with customers are overcome. For a global workforce,  persistent language barriers can put the HR department at risk of ongoing employee turnover.

Download the Playbook to learn more ways that enterprise-wide language training drives employee engagement.

Sometimes a team’s language and cultural skills gaps are a well-kept secret. That hides the problem so that it doesn’t get resolved. A more positive response used by innovative HR leaders once the situation is revealed is to implement language programs to increase employee engagement across the enterprise, from assisting expats while they adapt to helping ESL employees move up in the company.

Research shows that organizations offering language-learning opportunities see an increase in employee engagement factors such as loyalty, morale, and productivity, which in turn promote higher levels of communication and performance. Business leaders depend on such a positive dynamic to lift the organization to the point it achieves or exceeds its targeted goals. Similarly, an HR leader at a global company is committed to fostering a work environment for employees that’s conducive to both professional and personal growth.

As a consequence of providing organization-wide language training to employees, business line and HR leaders can both savor the wins that follow.

Driving employee engagement serves many business purposes. As a result of access to flexible language learning, employees can rapidly take work performance to a new level. Greater speaking confidence by employees in multilingual settings, especially when conversations take place in a customer’s language, creates new channels of access to opportunities and markets desired by the business.

Rosetta Stone provides customized global language programs that can easily align to business goals and insure that investment in language training to increase employee engagement is well-placed.

Download the Playbook and start driving employee engagement.

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