New Research Report Finds that Language Training Improves Job Performance

Today, Rosetta Stone announced the results of a new survey of a cross-section of the New research report finds that language training improves job performancecompany’s 12,000 global enterprise customers. The Rosetta Stone Business Employee Use Insights Survey–released during this week’s Society of Human Resource Management 2014 Annual Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida–finds that both employees and companies benefit enormously from language training programs in the workplace.

The Rosetta Stone Business Employee Use Insights Survey reveals that nine in 10 employees believe language training is relevant to their job duties, and 86% report a direct, positive impact on their job performance. As illustrated in the charts below, surveyed employees also report an increase in job satisfaction and loyalty due to their companies’ investment in their professional development. Based on the results of the survey, the languages studied most frequently in the marketplace are English, Spanish, Japanese, and German.

Language Training Improves Employee Performance

Results of the survey show that employees find that learning a new language improves their performance at work and helps them serve customers more effectively. Eight in 10 employees report that gaining proficiency in a second language makes them more productive overall, and increases their confidence in communicating with those necessary to perform their job functions.

Additionally, 72 percent of employees report that as a result of their training with Rosetta Stone, they are able to accomplish tasks in less time than it took them before they started training. Fully two-thirds of employees say they are capable of serving a larger range of customers because of the Rosetta Stone program.

Language Training Boosts Morale and Improves Retention

Those surveyed feel their company has taken an interest in their development by providing language training, which has in turn improved their future job prospects, and given them an opportunity for career advancement.

As a result, 89 percent of workers feel more positively toward their current employer and 84 percent feel engaged at work. Importantly, over seven in 10 respondents say they are 50 percent more likely to stay with their employer as a result of being provided an opportunity to build lifelong language skills with Rosetta Stone.

Introducing the new Language Learning Suite at SHRM Annual Conference 

Rosetta Stone will participate in the Society of Human Resource Management 2014 Annual Conference & Exposition on June 22-25 in Orlando, where it will introduce the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite, a new portfolio of products built specifically for enterprise clients. Company representatives will be on hand to share information about all of its Enterprise & Education solutions at booth #1147.

The Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite provides complete language solutions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners in both English and World Languages, administrator tools for tracking and reporting, as well as full client implementation and learner support services. For over 20 years, Rosetta Stone has served more than 12,000 businesses with millions of users worldwide to address critical language and communications challenges such as market expansion, workforce development, workforce safety, productivity and collaboration, customer service, diversity and inclusion, global mobility, and employee retention.

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