Overcoming Challenges in the Language Classroom

webinar discusses language learning solutions for K12 classroomsAs educators consider what steps they can take to improve the prospects of their students, one aspect that deserves serious consideration is online language learning.

Rosetta Stone Senior Marketing Manager, Tanya Mas, and Education Subject Matter Expert, Boris Morew, recently gave a webinar that provided an overview of the challenges facing language learning in schools and how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help.

As you are probably aware, those challenges include:

  • A lack of global competence in existing curricula
  • Lack of tools that truly harness the new technological nature of our classrooms
  • An increase in ELL populations, straining already-thin ELL programs
  • Graduating students who are ready for the world economy
  • Limited resources, including time, materials, and budgets

To be sure, these are complicated problems, but Rosetta Stone has a comprehensive solution.

Check out the on-demand Language Learning Suite for K-12 webinar.

That solution is the Language Learning Suite for K-12, made up of Rosetta Stone® Foundations, Rosetta Stone® Advantage, and Custom Solutions that can work for any school or district.

Foundations is the e-learning solution for beginning to intermediate learners in up to 24 different languages. Foundations is all about building fundamentals through state-of-the-art sequenced lessons, speech recognition, and immediate feedback. The engaging games and activities keep all learners motivated. Live tutoring can get struggling students over the hump. Administrator tools allow teachers to monitor students’ progress. And mobile apps make sure today’s connected students can learn anywhere at any time.

Advantage focuses on intermediate to advanced learners, bringing a truly immersive experience that helps these students progress to the point of fluency. Real-world lessons, fueled by such sources as Euronews and the AP, not only help students practice their skills, but also gives them the global awareness and competency that makes them more marketable for college and career. Advantage is available in up to nine languages—more than enough to meet the needs of a district.

The webinar also presents some best practices from districts around the country who are already leveraging the Language Learning Suite for their needs, as well as a Q&A with the audience.

This webinar is not only enlightening, but also thought-provoking. It’s well worth the time to find out how you and your school can modernize your language learning programs.

Watch the Language Learning Suite for K-12 on-demand webinar.

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