[On-Demand Webinar] A Wealth of Supplemental Education Materials

Rosetta Stone, Supplemental Education Materials, Language Teacher ResourcesRosetta Stone Education has produced an on-demand webinar on using our Supplemental Education Materials (SEM) to bridge the perceived gaps between online and in-person instruction.

The SEMs are additional resources provided by Rosetta Stone Education that help bring more in-depth, specialized information into your curriculum, typically focusing on specific aspects of the cultures being studied in class. Cultural competency is proving to be just as valuable to a student’s employment prospects as language skills, so it makes sense to bring both fields of study together.

Click here to watch this informative on-demand webinar!

The SEMs are available in both American and British English, Latin American Spanish, French, German, and Latin.

In addition to cultural resources, the SEMs also provide the teacher with activities and assessments that help link the students’ online learning with the classroom, saving the teacher time when aligning their lessons to standards and pacing guides. There are also Teacher Guides to help educators stay organized when moving through the curriculum.

In the typical classroom flow when using the SEMs, the students begin with online self-study, followed by the teacher leading activities sourced from their Teacher Guide. Students work individually or in groups with the SEM workbook, then move on to the focused activities available online. The teacher returns for more activities with the Teacher Guide, then students provide evidence of their learning through the workbook’s assessments.

We are particularly excited about the opportunities presented by our latest set of SEMs—those produced specifically for K-2 students learning American English. ELL students are the fastest-growing segment of the student population in the US. Providing effective education opportunities for younger ELLs can be crucial in their future learning success.

The SEMs represent our commitment to not only providing the best online language learning tools on the market, but also our desire to forge lasting partnerships with the teachers who are leading the charge in language learning, a field that is becoming increasingly important with every Census report.

Click here to watch this informative on-demand webinar!

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