On-Demand Webinar: Mixing Up EdTech + Traditional Instruction

Language learning, language instruction, EdTech, blended learning, webinarIt can be difficult to integrate technology with in-person instruction, even though there are a lot of benefits for doing so. How do you get the most out of online learning? What should the balance be? The transition is made much easier with a partner.

That’s why we’re starting a community for technology integration in the classroom, beginning with our free on-demand webinar “EdTech and Traditional Instruction: Mixing It Up in Today’s Language-Learning Classroom”.

Rosetta Stone Language Education Expert Boris Morew discusses how to improve student performance in the language learning setting through the combination of technology and instruction.

This is a great opportunity to think deeply about blended learning in the language-learning classroom and absorb some best practices—at the time of your choosing.

In the program, we discuss technology integration as well as some broader topics in edtech:

  • The impacts of technology on K-12 education
  • How to implement state-of-the-art language learning technology in traditional classrooms
  • Selecting the right blended learning approach
  • How to balance online learning with traditional instruction

Language learning might not get as much coverage as other disciplines, but technology has really revolutionized the practice. You rarely have the opportunity to hear from a blended learning expert, especially one focused on language instruction.

Although teachers are the ones who tend to implement blended learning plans, this session is valuable for staff at all levels of education, including:

  • School administrators
  • District administrators
  • Superintendents
  • Curriculum/instruction coordinators
  • ELL coordinators

Click here to watch this informative, on-demand webinar and feel free to share it with your colleagues!

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