[On-demand Webinar] Success Tips for Implementing Online Language Learning

EDU Implementation Webinar On demand Blog 440x325 WBG 1706 300x222Getting online language learning off to a good start makes all the difference. The most successful implementations start at the top. It’s important to have defined goals at the top-level of the school or district.

Are they focused on global awareness and citizenship? Is language competency expected at the middle and high school levels?

These goals can help inform classroom goals and expectations creating clear communication across the board. Every school has different limitations in time and technology, but it’s important that there be expectations that promote equity of access among students across the district.

In our recent webinar, “Ready, Set Up, Go: Success Tips for Implementing Online Language Learning”, Melanie Rogers, training lead for Rosetta Stone and client manager Tracie Evans share best practices and success tips for principals, teachers, and students as they implement language learning into their schools.

Now you can watch this webinar on-demand as Melanie and Tracie review examples of different types of implementations and what online language learning can look like for a variety of schools and districts.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Language success tips for principals, teachers, and students
  • Ways to set and communicate your language program goals
  • Insights into how to evaluate your program throughout the year
  • Suggestions for setting clear expectations for your language classrooms
  • Tips on how to prepare teachers and students for day one and beyond

Discover how technology engages students by expanding access to language learning, reinforcing teaching and learning, and building their confidence to speak the new language.

Access the on-demand webinar here and learn how to get your language program off to a great start. You’ll be glad you did.

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