On Learning Italian and Finding Love

What a year it has been! In a humorous set of circumstances, early last year my dog, (yes, my dog!) introduced me to me fiancé through videos of my Spinone Italiano on YouTube. A simple comment on a video led to a typed conversation, email conversations led to a Skype request for help with English, and a number of Skype conversations led to romance! My fiancé lives in Italy and speaks English as a second language quite well but I do not speak Italian at all, except for the most basic greetings and salutations. After two visits to Italy, I have found myself in love with the country and culture and know that I must learn the language to fully appreciate the beauty of all that I will experience in the future.

dog rosetta stone

I tried a number of different language-learning methods with little success throughout the year and finally decided to give RosettaStone a try three weeks ago. I have committed myself to a minimum of 30 minutes a day and am already seeing great progress. Imagine my fiancé’s surprise when he called me at work and I was able to tell him- in his native tongue- that I was eating salad and a sandwich for lunch! I could hear his smile and pride across the airways in his resounding “Bravissimo!” Having gained some confidence after my first Studio session, I am now beginning to incorporate what I am learning into our weekend conversations.

I will be returning to Italy again this summer and it is my goal to be able to speak with my future mother-in-law in a conversation that doesn’t rely on hand gestures, pantomimes, or furtive page-turning through the Italian-English dictionary. My learning to speak Italian is both a show of respect and love for my new family and a gift of cultural growth for myself. I will let you know how it turns out…

-Quid Nunc, Platteville, CO

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