Your Success Is Our Success

My Customer Success colleagues and I are going through language-learning journeys of our own, using Rosetta Stone TOTALe. We’ve all experienced hitting bumps along the way, and we know firsthand how you may feel some discouragement. That’s why we want you to know that with Customer Success agents like us to support you, you’re never alone!

Here’s what our role is:

  • We’re motivators and encouragers, providing a high-energy, enthusiastic, friendly, and supportive environment throughout every step of your language-learning journey.
  • We work with you individually—and, on a broader scale, we can work with your company, organization, or institution, as well—to facilitate making your language-learning goals a reality.
  • We monitor your progress continually, and we proactively reach out in the manner most convenient for you—phone, e-mail, video chat, social media, or other form of communication. How we get in touch and how often is up to you!
  • We congratulate you and provide incentives along the way whenever you complete certain milestones.
  • We’re here solely for you. We address any of your language-learning needs because we’re dedicated to your success!

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