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[Infographic] The New Global Readiness Mindmap

Global readiness—a team’s ability to relate and communicate with colleagues and customers from different cultures and countries—is a major factor in an organization’s success in the 21st century. Ninety percent of business line leaders say their teams face challenges in this area. There’s a new way to find out if you are one of the 90 percent and, more importantly, what to do about it. Our new infographic, the Global Readiness Mindmap, takes a complicated discussion and condenses it into an easy-to-follow series of five yes or no questions that help you find out where your team fits on the…

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Languages vs. Dialects: Why the Difference Matters in Business

We recently published a blog post entitled “Employee Training in 2016”, where we highlighted some major trends currently taking form in organizational learning. Two of those, international training and language learning, deal directly with the use of language and how it develops. We’re exploring some of the current work being done in that field in this entry. Columbia University linguistics professor and author John McWhorter recently discussed language and dialect in an article for The Atlantic. Is there a difference? Understanding any difference between the two can be important for the language learner. Although McWhorter goes into much more interesting…

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Why Businesspeople Should Learn a New Language

Recently, the UK version of the Huffington Post blog published a list of eight reasons why you should learn a language. Although the list was directed at post-secondary students, some of its insights can be applied to the world of business. We’ll start with cognitive benefits. It seems as if the scientific community keeps building the case that bilinguals experience brain-strengthening benefits compared to monolingual cohorts. If you want to stay sharp throughout your career, including staving off the effects of dementia, learning a language is a great strategy. The list talks a lot about culture. The cultural competency gained…

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The Must-have EdTech Solutions for Your Language Classroom

Personalized language learning fosters success for every student, every day. That is why we’ve spent the last few blog posts highlighting the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 — because we want to help you support individual learning styles and abilities. New interactive video We started introducing an exciting, interactive video that gives a broad overview of the Suite, which includes Rosetta Stone® Foundations, Rosetta Stone® Advantage, and Rosetta Stone® Custom Solutions. The video has two tracks: one focusing on how the Suite can help schools address English Language Learner needs and the other discussing how the suite can…

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4 Rosetta Stone Advantage home

Taking Language Instruction to the Next Level

Do you know what’s working in your language-learning program and where you could use some new tools to really bolster your students’ experience? Rosetta Stone® Advantage is what gives the Language Learning Suite for K-12 the breadth and depth necessary for advanced learners to maximize their skills toward proficiency. We’ve just produced a new video to highlight its features and what makes it a special product for language learning in the K-12 arena. A More Customizable Experience Advantage takes learning to the next level with a tailored experience in nine select languages, including British and American English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and…

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The Evolution of HR

It’s obvious that business is changing rapidly in the 21st century. What might not be so obvious is what a critical role human resources is playing in that transformation—a role that is only expected to grow. This began with a greater emphasis on talent acquisition and management. Gone are the days of hiring someone out of school and they working with the same company until retirement. The talent market is always shifting. Think of HR as the brokers in that market. They have become positioned to not only acquire the right human capital, but to develop that talent in order…

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3 Rosetta Stone Foundations home

3 Solutions That are Right for Your Language Classroom

You can’t build a strong language-learning program in your school or district without a strong foundation of state-of-the-art technology and proven lessons that get results. Fittingly, that’s why we called the first component in the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 – Foundations. Rosetta Stone® Foundations is the e-learning solution for beginning to intermediate learners in up to 24 different languages. This is where the fundamentals are learned that will lead to fluency and the global competence that will make your students desirable in the world economy. Foundations starts with language lessons that focus on three aspects that define…

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Overcoming Challenges in the Language Classroom

As educators consider what steps they can take to improve the prospects of their students, one aspect that deserves serious consideration is online language learning. Rosetta Stone Senior Marketing Manager, Tanya Mas, and Education Subject Matter Expert, Boris Morew, recently gave a webinar that provided an overview of the challenges facing language learning in schools and how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help. As you are probably aware, those challenges include: A lack of global competence in existing curricula Lack of tools that truly harness the new technological nature of our classrooms An increase in ELL populations,…

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Top Employee Training Trends in 2016

Education is changing rapidly, even in the workplace. Some of the trends being used in the classroom are also making the transition to the workplace. Here are some of the ideas that will continue to gain traction as 2016 moves through. Mobile learning This isn’t really earthshattering anymore, but employees are used to doing everything on their devices. Corporate training should be no different. The flexibility in time, location, and travel is simply too good to pass up. Mobile learning will just continue to grow as companies continue to expand to new locations. Bite-sized content Those same employees who want to…

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Interactive Video: EdTech Solutions for Your Language Classroom

We are excited to share with you this interactive video that helps educators learn more about how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help you support student success. The video takes two approaches: one that focuses the Language Learning Suite on schools who are looking for support when it comes to meeting their English Language Learner challenges, and another that speaks to schools and districts looking to bolster their world language offerings. Demographics are shifting in American schools. For the first time, minority students make up a majority of the schoolchildren in the US. Within the next ten years,…

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