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A Renewed Focus on Adult Education at COABE 2016

There is perhaps no better place to talk about the latest innovations for language learning in adult education than in Texas—specifically, the Commission on Adult Basic Education’s annual conference in Dallas. The conference runs from April 10th to the 13th and you can find us at Booth #404 in the Exhibit Hall. COABE brings together over 1,500 adult educators, representing all facets of the field. Because of that diversity of thinking, there are twelve different learning strands comprised of more than 200 sessions. Our latest blended learning solutions are perfectly suited for adult education, providing lessons that are workforce-specific, professional situation, and…

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[New eBook] Technology Integration: How It’s Transforming K-12

Last year, Rosetta Stone Education produced an in-depth webinar on classroom integration entitled “EdTech and Traditional Instruction: Mixing It Up in Today’s Language-Learning Classroom”. Today, we’re announcing an exciting asset based on that knowledge. Our “EdTech and Traditional Instruction” eBook takes some of the valuable information from the webinar, mixes it up with up-to-date developments, and displays them in an easy-to-read and highly shareable format. Click here to download your free copy of the “EdTech and Traditional Instruction: Mixing It Up in Today’s Language-Learning Classroom” eBook! The piece starts with identifying just what is happening in the EdTech space? As you probably…

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Celebrating 50 Years and Preparing for the Next 50 at TESOL 2016

Now more than ever, ELL education is of paramount importance in the US and around the world. That is why Rosetta Stone Education is proud to help the TESOL International Association celebrate its 50th anniversary at their annual International Convention & English Language Expo. The conference runs from April 5-8 at the Baltimore Convention Center. You can find us at Booth #719 in the Exhibit Hall. TESOL is the world’s largest gathering of ESOL professionals, with over 6,500 attendees expected to converge in Baltimore, representing 75 countries. There will be over 900 concurrent sessions in which those attendees will be able…

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The Impact of Language Advocacy on Economic Security

In February, I was honored to represent Rosetta Stone at the annual Advocacy Days meeting hosted by the Joint National Committee for Languages and National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS). This two-day gathering brought together the leaders of regional, national, and state organizations such as the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL), the American Translators Association (ATA), and the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC). It is one of the leading gatherings of people working hard to improve language learning in the United States. What all the delegates to JNCL-NCLIS have in common with each other—and…

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Academics: The Dominance of English Is Stifling World Scholarship

Recently, the BBC published an article that outlined what many foreign researchers view as a threat to scholarship: the dominance of the English language on the world’s stage. While obviously their concerns are post-secondary (and post-graduate) in nature, there are some takeaways for the K-12 space. First, the academics’ point is simple. The vast majority of the world’s scholarly journals — at least, those with international weight — are written in English only. To be published, you have to speak and write in English. This alone is a barrier that is stifling scholarship in non-English speaking places. For example, the…

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Breaking Language Learning Into Building Blocks

Have you ever seen one of those truly impressive Lego builds, like a huge alien spaceship or an entire city? They look daunting and the common person might think they are impossible. But they were all put together in the same way, by normal people: one block at a time. The traditional method of learning is through courses of study that often take at least weeks, if not months. This has been the case everywhere from elementary school to postgraduate work. Corporate learning would take the same track, pulling employees out of their work for a week or more. Thankfully,…

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On-Demand Webinar: Mixing Up EdTech + Traditional Instruction

It can be difficult to integrate technology with in-person instruction, even though there are a lot of benefits for doing so. How do you get the most out of online learning? What should the balance be? The transition is made much easier with a partner. That’s why we’re starting a community for technology integration in the classroom, beginning with our free on-demand webinar “EdTech and Traditional Instruction: Mixing It Up in Today’s Language-Learning Classroom”. Rosetta Stone Language Education Expert Boris Morew discusses how to improve student performance in the language learning setting through the combination of technology and instruction. This is…

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Why Students Should Learn a New Language

Recently, the UK version of the Huffington Post blog published a list of eight reasons why you should learn a language. Although the list was directed at post-secondary students, some of its insights can be applied to the needs of the K-12 student. Brain Benefits The case for language learning providing a boost for the brain is growing stronger. Critical thinking, multitasking, and problem solving skills (all defined as 21st century skills) are stronger in multilingual people compared to their monolingual cohorts. In this way, the benefits of language learning translate across the curriculum, affecting the student’s other classes. Going…

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[White Paper] Driving Global Readiness: A Road Map

Global readiness—the abilities with which an employee can relate and communicate with colleagues and customers from another culture—will be a key component in their value in the 21st century interconnected economy. That is one of the findings of our white paper, “Driving Global Readiness: A Road Map”. The report comes from our 2015 Rosetta Stone Business Language Impact Study, which yielded significant insights into just how important language skills are becoming in the workplace—even to companies that are not necessarily doing business internationally. In addition to startling data from the survey, the white paper also discusses: How and why most…

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Driving Blended Learning Success in Rural School Districts

The Guthrie Common School District in Texas serves the third-smallest county in the United States. The district’s 100 students does not warrant a full-time world languages teacher, yet the state still requires students to graduate high school with two years of Spanish courses. Guthrie’s solution was to partner with Rosetta Stone to offer a virtual solution. That partnership, and the considerable success that has followed, is profiled in a new case study. Click here to read this informative case study! Guthrie organized its blended learning offerings into the Guthrie Virtual School. Once it was approved by the Texas Virtual School…

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