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Adult ELL parent studying with kids home Organizational Learning

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Schools

Most people in and around education understand that a parent/parents being involved in their child’s education can be a difference maker. There has been a lot of study into the subject and a lot of strategizing about how to best get parents engaged in their child’s school. But why is this important? The research is strong. Parent involvement has a measurable impact on student performance in school, and seems to be particularly important for English-learning students and those from low-income areas. Improved communication between parents and teachers leads to better homework completion rates, in-class behavior, and participation. At-risk behaviors, such…

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[Infographic] The Digital Transformation of Language Training

Research firm VansonBourne recently concluded a survey of 500 business execs on Rosetta Stone’s behalf. The insights of these leaders, based in the UK and Germany, are now organized into a comprehensive infographic, “The Language Tutor’s New Face”. Click here to download “The Language Tutor’s New Face” infographic. These business leaders are operating on the front lines of international business. So when 87 percent of them say their organizations rely on more than one critical language, you can assume that is a solid majority of businesses in the world today. The infographic starts with a brief exploration of just how…

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Business Tech Trends home Organizational Learning

The Future of Corporate Training

When discussing what is coming down the pike for corporate training, we often speak of online learning, forward-thinking employee development plans, and credentialing. But what if you want to go further into the forecast? These are the technologies corporate trainers should be looking for in their long-term plans. The Internet of Things and Sensors You see an increasing amount of people wearing fitness bands, digital thermostats in homes, and smarter security systems. It won’t be long until smart business trainers figure out ways to incorporate these ideas into the workplace. Fitness sensors can be used to measure the physical stats…

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National Teacher Appreciation Week 2016 home Organizational Learning

5 Free Resources to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

Every year, we look forward to recognizing teachers on their special week. The world’s real-life superheroes deserve all of the acknowledgment they get during Teacher Appreciation, and we hope we can play a part in those efforts. This year, we want to help make Teacher Appreciation Week the best ever! Every day of the week, we will be releasing some great, free resources that every teacher can use to enhance their classroom and improve their practice, including: (1) A printable, colorful “Language Creates” classroom poster that helps start the conversation about what language does for us and how we can use it…

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Adult learning English home Organizational Learning

The Challenges Facing Adult ESL Programs

English as a second language programs geared for adults are an unsung, yet critical component of the nation’s language learning needs. Yet they are met with certain challenges that are unique to adult learning programs. Students come and go—or just go. Attracting new students can be a challenge. And those students who do stay have trouble meeting their goals. What can be the causes of these issues and what can be done? Programs fail to set proper goals with/for their students Goal setting in the adult ESL space is two-fold, hence the “with/for” in the heading. Goals should be set…

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Skills Employees Need to Succeed in the Global Marketplace

Last month, HR practice lead for Rosetta Stone’s Enterprise & Education Marketing Group, Sheerin Vesin, contributed an article to Training Magazine, sharing the latest information we have about the skills employees need to compete in the global marketplace. 71 percent of business leaders are looking to capitalize on the $30 trillion expected to be spent in emerging markets by 2025. That sort of investment in resources will require a unique skill set from employees, none more crucial than language capabilities. Sheerin first discusses the benefits that companies can expect from language learning. There are the obvious, such as being able…

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Rosetta Stone Supplemental Education Materials home Organizational Learning

[On-Demand Webinar] A Wealth of Supplemental Education Materials

Rosetta Stone Education has produced an on-demand webinar on using our Supplemental Education Materials (SEM) to bridge the perceived gaps between online and in-person instruction. The SEMs are additional resources provided by Rosetta Stone Education that help bring more in-depth, specialized information into your curriculum, typically focusing on specific aspects of the cultures being studied in class. Cultural competency is proving to be just as valuable to a student’s employment prospects as language skills, so it makes sense to bring both fields of study together. Click here to watch this informative on-demand webinar! The SEMs are available in both American…

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EDU WorldCompetence home Organizational Learning

Inquiry Education in the Diverse Classroom

Recently, Shanna Peeples, a NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow and teacher at Palo Duro High School in Amarillo, Texas, wrote a guest post for Education Week that connects two subjects that may seem as though they don’t fit: global competency and locally-based inquiry investigations. Amarillo, which has the largest refugee population per capita in the United States, provides Ms. Peeples and her colleagues no shortage of students with widely varied life experience—most of which outside the country. Lessons in global competency may not be differentiated enough to be effective to these students. They simply have too different global experiences from…

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EDU Differentiating Instruction Blended Learning home Organizational Learning

[Webinar] Blended Learning Insights & Lesson Design Strategies

Rosetta Stone is excited to present a new, on-demand webinar, “Blended Learning in the World Language Classroom”, that can fit into any teacher’s busy schedule. The discussion is presented by Gisele Vazquez Falls, World Languages department chair at Tallwood High School in Virginia. Tallwood features a novel Global Studies and World Languages Academy. The Academy is built around preparing students for global citizenship, focusing not just on languages (even though it offers eight), but also on global issues, systems, and cultures. The central goal is to prepare students to take advantage of the international economy. Students spend four years studying…

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BUS women in the global economy home Organizational Learning

Women and Success in the Global Marketplace

Annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to reflect on how important women are to our society, what they have accomplished throughout history, and how they can become even more successful in their endeavors. To signify International Women’s Day, Training Journal consulted Rosetta Stone President of Global Enterprise and Education, Judy Verses, on her views toward success for women in the international marketplace. Her insights included: Establishing a positive culture Allowing your partner and boss to help you achieve work/life balance Grabbing all of the opportunities available to them Mentorship Effective communication Women tend to feel more…

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