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Why Staff and Faculty Need Language Training Too

When it comes to integrating an international student into campus life, the focus is usually on his or her language skills. Even though students have likely passed introductory language exams, the day-to-day realities of interacting with native speakers, participating in group activities, and academic writing and testing can pose significant challenges. Increasing students’ fluency is a must, but language training for staff and faculty can also benefit not just the students, but the individuals and university as a whole. Benefit to Students Having on-campus support from staff and faculty who are actually conversant in their native languages will help students…

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Development: What Matters Most to Millennials

Much of business’s focus is shifting toward what can be described as the “Millennial Challenge”. How do businesses accustomed to working with the baby boom generation transition toward attracting and retaining those workers’ children? After all, this new generation will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. This generation has a significantly different worldview than their parents, particularly on the role of business and what they expect their employers to provide for them. A steady paycheck and retirement savings is no longer good enough. The Millennial’s View of Business Perhaps the deepest work in analysis of the Millennial…

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Inglés Día a Día: 3 Cosas Que Debes Hacer Diariamente

No importa si has estudiado inglés toda tu vida o si apenas has empezado — hay cosas que puedes hacer todos los días para mejorar tu inglés. No te angusties por no saber tanto como quisieras. No importa en qué nivel te encuentras, puedes empezar dónde estás. Aquí vemos tres tareas que debes realizar todos los días y que no requieren mucho tiempo. Puedes adaptarlas a tu nivel actual. 1. Lee algo en inglés Esto no tiene que ocupar mucho tiempo; puede ser una lectura de cinco a 15 minutos. Lo importante es que estés leyendo constantemente en inglés. Y…

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Webinar: Personalized Language Learning with Technology – Best Practices from the Trenches

When it comes to language learning, technology can provide experiences that the typical college classroom just can’t match. Students can interact with native speakers. Content can be modified for a student’s learning style. Instruction can occur at the students’ own pace. This is a big undertaking for an institution, and it helps to gain some insight from people who have been there before. Let Rosetta Stone and experienced language learning instructors from Humboldt State University in California help to show you the way. Rosetta Stone is offering a webinar entitled “Personalized Language Learning with Technology – Best Practices from the…

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Beyond the Heart – 5 (Other) Symbols of Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you have your chocolates and/or flowers and/or jewelry ready? Giving roses and heart-shaped everything has always been a popular way to show affection for your significant other. But if you’d like to switch it up this year, consider surprising your better half with one of these lesser-known symbols of love. Apples While we tend to equate the image of an apple with teachers or even doctors, apples have been a representation of love since ancient times. The story of Adam and Eve doesn’t actually specify that the forbidden fruit was an apple, but most…

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Language Technology Improves Employability

The announcement of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014–2015 reports that students care deeply about a university or college’s ability to provide real-world links and put students closer to business and industry—and ultimately, employability. An institution can take many approaches to help students build valuable skills and make those important connections. One strategy might be the provision of sector-specific foreign language training. Employers Big and Small According to a roundtable hosted by the Guardian and British Academy in association with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, “employers [are] now looking for languages from all levels of employee,”…

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Infographic: Why Your Talent Needs to Be More Global-Ready

Making your workforce global-ready is key to your organization’s future. Research shows that over 70 percent of business leaders are planning to grow their business in regions where English is not spoken and where cultural differences abound. The ability to speak the language of customers, partners, suppliers, and new employees on the ground in those markets is foundational to building their trust. And having the intercultural dexterity to interact with those groups respectfully is essential to keeping that trust over the long term. Knowledge of language and culture builds those critical bridges that enable organizations to grow in the multicultural…

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Match Language Support Programs to Community Needs

An increased focus on international student recruitment has diversified the student body and—in some cases—helped fill in the funding gaps of higher education institutions battling ongoing budget cuts. But these growing numbers of international students require expanded support systems, especially in English language learning. In the face of limited funds, some institutions are banding together with local communities in building a comprehensive support system that spans education and career—a win for higher ed, communities, and students. Model Initiatives A recent story published on Inside Higher Ed profiles several cities working on this type of “town-gown” collaboration. For example, a diverse…

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10 Funny False Friends from Spanish

If you’ve studied a language before, you already know that cognates are words from different languages that look similar to one another. True cognates are derived from the same root word and have the same meaning. For example, the English word vacation and the Spanish word vacación both come from the Latin word vacationem. However, we use the term “false cognates” to refer to words from two languages that look alike through pure coincidence; false cognates have no common root or meaning. The term “false friends” refers to any pair of lookalike words from two languages that don’t have the…

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Global-Readying Your Workforce

It’s no secret that the economies of the world are converging. Companies that in the past could remain viable by only doing business stateside now find themselves with the need to expand into emerging markets and unfamiliar territories. As a result, global competence is becoming an imperative for anyone wanting to remain marketable in the 21st century workplace. For example, the organization that accredits college engineering programs, ABET, has called for students to be skilled in “intercultural competence”. The National Academy of Engineering also called for similar skills in its report, “The Engineer of 2020”. This is in recognition of…

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