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5 Invented Words Used in Everyday Language

Ever wonder where some of the words you use every day came from? Bet you didn’t know that even some of the most common words you hear and use on a daily basis have their origins in literature. It’s well known that Shakespeare was one of the most prolific inventors of new words that eventually became a part of our everyday vernacular—phrases like “heart of gold,” “good riddance,” and even the best intro to a joke ever! “Knock knock!” “Who’s there?” But his aren’t the only words that have an indelible presence in contemporary English. Let’s take a look at…

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Four Things I Learned—besides my New Language—While Learning a New Language

A great moment during my time in Paris. Guest post by Kelly Doscher I went back to school when I was thirty-two years old—finally realizing that I really couldn’t go through my professional life without a degree. Much to the chagrin and bewilderment of my family and friends, I decided to pursue a degree in French language and French literature. Except for a choice few friends and colleagues, the overarching question I got—especially from my CPA father—was, “What are you going to do with a French degree?” To be perfectly honest, I had no plans. It…

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HR Is Going Mobile

In the Internet age, management is constantly being faced with new technologies to ameliorate the HR process. From corporate training programs to performance evaluations, online tools have surfaced to provide a variety of functions for HR professionals. One area that has seen much development and recent adoption in the management office is mobile technology. Apps have sprung up for everything from recruiting to payroll management. As the rest of the world continues to go mobile, it will be more important than ever for HR to understand how to best implement this developing technology in order to keep up with their…

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How To Lead For Retention, Innovation, And Cooperation

Being a manager is about more than making hiring decisions and disseminating policy. Driving performance in employees is a multifaceted challenge that requires a variety of worker-facing attitudes and values to create a corporate culture that is productive, unified, and happy. Responsive and compassionate management can overcome many pervasive workplace issues, from turnover to engagement to workplace cooperation. While some manager and HR professionals attempt to address such issues at an employee level, cultivating a company culture founded on good business communication skills and empathy is a far more effective way to create the workplace you want, and it’s a…

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The History of Fireworks

The Chinese have forever been known for their prowess in alchemy; namely, their deep understanding of employing the powers and the combinations of natural ingredients to aid in the healing and well-being of humans. One can only imagine that through all of these successes there had to have been some failures. Imagine an aspiring alchemist noodling around with ingredients one day only to create something that went horribly wrong. Historians believe that sometime between 600 and 900 CE this very thing may have happened when saltpeter (also known as potassium nitrate, which at the time was a common culinary seasoning),…

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Top Tourist Attractions in Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital brims with events and activities for its residents and visitors to this beautiful city. From international displays of hospitality to a little something for everyone, Washington, DC, proves it’s not only the cultural center of the United States, but also a really great, diverse city to live in.   Read the Full Transcript National Cherry Blossom Festival. There are more petals on these three thousand trees than there are visitors to their splendor—but not by much. Around-the-World Embassy Tour. Delight in the food, culture, and then some! More than 40 nations are represented in this annual event. White House…

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The ROI of Foreign Language Learning

The Economist’s Prospero blog illuminated a subject that hits close to the heart of most language learners: how much is all this work worth in the long run? Riffing on a Freakonomics podcast covering the same topic that came to the disappointing conclusion that language learning delivered only a 2% increase in income, The Economist came up with some better math. Their answer should serve as a catalyst, not only for people considering learning a new language or the people stewarding language-learning programs in schools, but for also people trying to figure out which language to learn. First, that 2%…

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Four Technology-Enabled Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Technology in the classroom can be a burden or a relief. It can be an element of fear for educators, or an instrument of success for students, faculty, and institutions alike. Following are four approaches to redesigning the learning experience by incorporating technology. Flipped Courses With a flipped course, the type of head-down, solitary, content-related work that was commonly done in a classroom is now given exclusively as homework. This may include videos, reading, webinars, and so on—on any subject. Collaboration and interaction, on the other hand, happen in class. Said another way, quiet, static work is done alone, while students…

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What Immersion Can Mean for Your Language Learning

You may be asking yourself, “Why does language immersion work?” Think of it this way: If you were to find yourself in a foreign country, having no prior knowledge of the language that was spoken there, what would you have at your immediate disposal? Atmosphere: the pervading tone or mood of a place or a situation. What does that mean? The events that are happening around you—the gestures of the people with whom you’re speaking or of those you’re simply observing. Or atmosphere could refer to the visual cues about what things are called in a hotel, in a restaurant,…

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New Research Report Finds that Language Training Improves Job Performance

Today, Rosetta Stone announced the results of a new survey of a cross-section of the company’s 12,000 global enterprise customers. The Rosetta Stone Business Employee Use Insights Survey–released during this week’s Society of Human Resource Management 2014 Annual Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida–finds that both employees and companies benefit enormously from language training programs in the workplace. The Rosetta Stone Business Employee Use Insights Survey reveals that nine in 10 employees believe language training is relevant to their job duties, and 86% report a direct, positive impact on their job performance. As illustrated in the charts below, surveyed employees…

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