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Top 10 Reasons for Integrating EdTech in the Language-Learning Classroom

Technology can have the same positive effects in the language classroom as it can in any other subject area, yet language teachers can be a bit more reticent to bringing blended learning into their practice. That’s the idea behind our new webinar, The Classroom Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom, on January 13th at 6:00 PM ET. But for an overview of some of the topics we will be covering during this informative talk, let’s go into the top 10 reasons why you should bring EdTech into your classroom. 1. Differentiated learning Students can work…

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Treat Your International Employees Like They’re Down the Hall

As companies grow in the 21st century, the hunt for talent can often lead overseas. Whether that means establishing an office in a foreign country or simply hiring freelancers from abroad, those practices come with their own sets of challenges: Supervision Communication Corporate culture For all three of these, the key might be to treat your overseas employees as if they are based in the home office. With today’s technology, that’s easier than ever. When a new hire is onboarded at the home office, they are often forgotten about once they get comfortable and don’t need as much support. The…

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The Challenge of Multi-level Learners in the Language Classroom

I attended ACTFL this year with a mission: to hear from K12 teachers from across the country about the challenges they face in their teaching endeavors, the successes they have experienced in addressing these challenges, and what they would like to see in terms of technology resources and support to help them advance their goals further. I listened to individuals and small groups of teachers as they made their way through the exhibit hall, and in chats as we waited for a session to begin. I also met with larger groups of instructors in focus sessions specifically organized around this…

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Creating a Dynamic Language-Learning Experience

I grew up around a community with many non-English speakers. I worked in an environment where those who could not communicate with others due to the language differences were treated as if they had some form of disability. This simply was unacceptable and I set out to make a difference. I moved to Mexico, became a Certified ESL Teacher, and quickly advanced to the position where I would be more of a mentor than a teacher. As an ESL and foreign language coordinator with 13 years of experience, I quite often found myself faced with teachers and instructors who were…

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How Bilingualism Benefits You

More than half the world learns more than one language as a child. While we in the monolinguistic world might think that has no bearing on success, there turn out to be many benefits to being bilingual or multilingual. To see those benefits, all we have to do is look at children. The social benefits of speaking multiple languages are obvious; it broadens your social pool to be able to communicate with more people. But there are other benefits that also come to bear during the life of a bilingual child. First, cognitive effects are being rapidly studied in science,…

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Teacher Key Takeaways from ACTFL 2015

“If you were to design the ultimate professional development learning experience, what would it include?” This is the question that ACTFL posed to prospective attendees prior to the annual conference. The theme this year responded to that question: “Inspire, Engage, Respond.” As I reflected on that weekend, I tried to focus on that theme and how I was affected by those three powerful words. Inspire – The word “inspire” can be looked at two ways; who and how am I inspired and who and how do I inspire others? I was inspired by so many while attending ACTFL. Allow me…

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What Makes a Global Language Leader?

Although Rosetta Stone has been a primary source of corporate learning for years, many people still don’t know that Rosetta Stone even has products designed around the specific needs of the business world. That was the impetus behind our infographic, What Makes a Global Language Leader? In it, we display how companies around the world are using Rosetta Stone to meet their language learning needs, what make our products so effective in the workplace, and the success our customers have experienced. To start, Rosetta Stone has a presence on every continent (other than Antarctica), meaning that a solution to your…

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5 Not-So-Cheery Christmas Legends

Today, Krampusnacht, or Krampus parades, happen all over Germany and Austria, and in the U.S., including Washington, D.C.   As in many countries these days, Christmas in the United States is mostly heralded by both religious celebrations and secular merriment. And hand in hand with the festivities come candy canes, snowmen, cute penguins, and more. Traditionally, the worst things that can happen to you around here at Christmastime are (a) you have an awkward encounter under the mistletoe or (b) you get a lump of coal in your stocking from Santa. Not so in Europe. With…

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Enter Our Employee Learning Week CONTEST for a Chance to WIN!

December 7th-11th is Employee Learning Week. To celebrate, Rosetta Stone Business would like to hear from all of our learners in an exciting video contest. Employee Learning Week is an awareness campaign organized by the Association for Talent Development. It’s all about the importance of employee learning to the overall success of an organization. Events are happening across the country and online. To find out more, visit the Association’s Employee Learning Week site. Speaking of online events, let’s talk about our video contest! Entry is only a simple two steps: Create a video of 60 seconds or less and tell us…

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Language Learning Resources for Teachers

The journey to blended learning success sometimes requires a guide that has “been there, done that”. That’s why Rosetta Stone has assembled a wealth of resources on our new site, Language Creates. The highlight of the site is the ability for teachers to share their own stories and tips for leveraging blended learning and Rosetta Stone in their own classrooms. It’s like being in the teachers’ lounge! Language Creates is powered by guest bloggers and Rosetta Stone Teacher Ambassadors just like you. They share their stories on our Teacher Tuesday blog and through other means, like webinars that are designed…

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