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5 Language-Learning Challenges and How to Avoid Them

So your goal for 2015 is to learn a new language? Great! What are your plans for staying on track? Everyone knows that resolutions tend to be notoriously short-lived, but it doesn’t have to be that way—especially with something as important as a second language. I started teaching English in 2006, and I’ve seen a lot of success stories. While every language has a different structure, most language learners who eventually quit their study have run into the same stumbling blocks. But if you know what those difficulties are ahead of time, you’ll be able to recognize and avoid them,…

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Development Plans: Employee-Driven vs. Supervisor-Driven

Central to the goal of employee growth is the development plan. After all, growth is accomplished more efficiently when tackled in a systematic, professional fashion. But who should steer the development planning process, the employee or their supervisor? The truth is that there are reasons for both approaches, and most organizations have aspects of both in their development plan process. The stakes are high; if an employee feels as if their employer is not a partner in their career development, they are more likely to find one that is. This leads to considerable recruiting and onboarding costs that could have…

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Innovating Pedagogy Report and Language Tech

In the Innovating Pedagogy 2014 report, Open University outlines ten innovations in teaching, learning, and assessment that could have a profound influence on education, bringing about a more “interactive world.” Here is an outline of five of these innovations that may directly affect how you use language-learning technology in the classroom. 1. Learning design informed by analytics Using software for detailed tracking and reporting of both individual users and the class as a whole can help instructors fine-tune courses with effective learning design. Open University notes that “data from tracking and management of learning activities can inform learning design by…

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10 Crazy (and Awesome) International New Year’s Eve Traditions

Getting tired of watching the ball drop every New Year’s Eve? Maybe it’s time to adopt a new tradition. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of these from around the world. Smashing pomegranates in Greece Pomegranates have an important place in Greek history, art, and cuisine, so a pomegranate is always a welcome housewarming gift. In Greece, they’re on the table for important holidays and religious ceremonies, but at midnight on New Year’s Eve, they’re rolled forcefully against the front door of the house or smashed directly on the ground. The more seeds that spill out, the more good fortune…

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I Spy a Whole New World

Most of us have played “I Spy,” a classic game that helps while away the minutes—or sometimes hours—when there’s nothing better to do. It conjures up memories of long road trips or rainy days spent inside. But for leading cognitive scientists at Indiana University, it’s about much more. The “I Spy” Study To study attention and memory, researchers had children play “I Spy” games in two different ways: by giving the target image only, and by giving the target image while saying its name. Children’s focus and speed improved dramatically when language was used. In the words of one researcher,…

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Volunteerism Can Tip Scales For Millennial Recruits

Companies that wish to keep their pool of talent fresh and innovative need to learn how to attract millennials – people born between 1980 and the early 2000s. People in this generation tend to stay on top of the latest technology and work hard to earn recognition. When it comes to the latter trait, one attraction that job recruiters and employers cannot overlook is millennials’ interest in volunteer opportunities, as reported by Human Resource Executive Online. Still, this does not mean that just any volunteer project will do, and companies need to know how to make their opportunities look more…

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¿Tu Propósito para el 2015? ¡Aprender Inglés!

    Falta poco para llegar al 2015. ¿Ya tienes listos tus propósitos de año nuevo? Si quieres unas ideas, puedes ver la lista que recopiló el gobierno de los Estados Unidos de los propósitos más populares. Y si pones el aprender inglés como tu propósito número uno, hay por lo menos tres más en la lista que también puedes lograr. Aquí vemos cómo. Obtener una mejor educación La mayoría de los programas técnicos requieren que antes de tomar los cursos para tu carrera, tienes que lograr un nivel básico de inglés como uno de los prerrequisitos. Y si deseas…

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Language and International Student Satisfaction Linked?

A new report on international student satisfaction is out, and the results are mixed. Students in the three countries surveyed are generally satisfied with the academic side of things, which is good news. But satisfaction levels are noticeably lower in important areas such as networking, “friendship with domestic students, organized social activities, and visa or immigration-related advice.” It is also apparent that schools with higher concentrations of international students from a specific country tend to rank lower in overall student satisfaction—likely indicating integration problems. How are U.S. institutions responding to international student needs? Even though the number of international students…

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Why Learning a New Language is the Best New Year’s Resolution

How about, “All of the above!” The new year is just around the corner. It’s time to decide what your goals for 2015 will be and to set yourself up for success. In a list put together by, three of the most popular resolutions for 2014 were get a better education, get a better job, and take a trip. Imagine fulfilling all three simultaneously without having to juggle—and commit to—them all! Impossible, you say? Not in our book. Here’s why. #10 on the list: Take a trip This is the year! You’re finally going to take that international trip you’ve…

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Like Christmas Traditions? You Can Thank the Germans.

Did you know that the Germans practically invented Christmas as we know it today? Okay, they clearly didn’t invent the story of the baby in a manger, but many of the symbols and items that we associate with the Christmas season have come directly out of Germany. For proof, take a look at five Christmas traditions we wouldn’t have without our friends in Deutschland. The Christmas tree Before the first Christmas occurred, the ancient Gauls in Western Europe decorated their homes with evergreen branches during winter solstice in order to freshen the stale inside air and warding off evil spirits.…

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