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Arriving in Stockholm, Sweden

Nuno moved to Sweden from his native Portugal in April of 2013. He realized he needed to learn the local language as quickly as possible in order to better communicate in his personal and professional life in this new country. So Nuno took on the challenge of learning Swedish in 180 days using Rosetta Stone. Follow his progress on Facebook and learn more about his story. Share Nuno’s story with your friends and like us on Facebook if you have a goal you want to accomplish in 180 days.

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German Karaoke and Family Bonding

My husband is German, but despite his blond hair and blue eyes, you wouldn’t know it. There is only one thing that will turn his whats into vats: visits with his family. We’ve been married nearly three years and on each visit home he greets his family in German and quickly falls into his native language when talking about the drive down and the traffic. Their words bounce around the home like a ping-pong ball in a game that I don’t know how to play. But, to make me comfortable, they always switch to English. His parents and sister are…

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Rosetta Stone Partners with Livemocha

Rosetta Stone has exciting news to share! We have recently partnered with language learning company Livemocha. Here’s a note from our CEO, Steve Swad, sharing his thoughts on this exciting development. Dear Rosetta Stone Community, I am excited to share the news that Rosetta Stone has acquired Livemocha, one of the largest online language-learning communities in the world. With over 16 million members—including engaged language experts, teachers and multi-linguists—Livemocha significantly expands our online community and gives us ready access into new markets around the world. Together, we’re going to be able to reach more learners and change more lives than…

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China Through Children’s Eyes and Voices

I recently had a unique opportunity to travel to China with fourth and sixth grade students from the elementary school in which I teach. The students were learning Chinese Mandarin with Rosetta Stone TOTALe. I knew they were better prepared for the trip language-wise than I was, but it was amazing to see just how much they could actually communicate in Chinese with the people they met there. And how much they understood the road signs, menus, and even the occasional overheard conversation. The connections these students made with the Chinese people they met will serve them well throughout their…

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New Infographic on the Evolution of Classroom Language Learning

The state of language learning instruction in K-12 As much as the politicians mention how the United States needs to make their students more competitive in the world’s job markets, language learning in public schools is under increasing attack. Whether it is due to funding shortfalls or simply not enough time in the day to cover everything (especially if you are focusing on math and reading for the upcoming high-stakes test), the fact is that the number of elementary schools that offer language-learning classes has dropped from 32 to 15 percent in the last decade. If you’ve taken language training,…

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Which Celebrities Study with Rosetta Stone?

Let’s say you’re an actor or producer. You’re going to be in Patagonia for the next two months, filming a romantic thriller. Most of the crew speaks Spanish. You’ll be working ten-hour days, but you’ll also get a week off to explore the local landscape and culture. It definitely seems like Spanish might come in handy. But you’ll need to learn it fast. This kind of scenario is very familiar to Anne-Marie Walworth, who works on public relations for Rosetta Stone. “We’re always getting phone calls,” she explains. “Rosetta Stone can be more convenient than a private tutor. Especially if…

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Reading Swedish Poetry

Taking another plunge, this past week I threw myself into trying to read “real” Swedish poetry again. By “real,” I mean poems that were written in Swedish by native speakers for an audience of native speakers. In other words, not poems that are simplified to help me pick up Swedish faster. I broke out a book of poems by Edith Södergran, curled up with a good cup of kaffe, and went to town. It probably helped that I had read these poems sparingly in college, but nonetheless I fell right back into the rhythm of her poetry and did not struggle…

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Celebrate Foreign Language Week: Coaches Share Travel Tips and More!

With the first week of March underway, we here at Rosetta Stone are excited to celebrate the new month and Foreign Language Week! Foreign Language Week was started in 1957 by national foreign language honor society, Alpha Mu Gamma. In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower endorsed the celebration via telegram and Presidents since then have added their support of this week. Alpha Mu Gamma now has chapters all across the United States and organizes activities during this week to help students become more aware of the necessity and advantages of learning a foreign language. Other organizations have gotten in the…

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