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The Evolution of HR

It’s obvious that business is changing rapidly in the 21st century. What might not be so obvious is what a critical role human resources is playing in that transformation—a role that is only expected to grow. This began with a greater emphasis on talent acquisition and management. Gone are the days of hiring someone out of school and they working with the same company until retirement. The talent market is always shifting. Think of HR as the brokers in that market. They have become positioned to not only acquire the right human capital, but to develop that talent in order…

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3 Solutions That are Right for Your Language Classroom

You can’t build a strong language-learning program in your school or district without a strong foundation of state-of-the-art technology and proven lessons that get results. Fittingly, that’s why we called the first component in the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 – Foundations. Rosetta Stone® Foundations is the e-learning solution for beginning to intermediate learners in up to 24 different languages. This is where the fundamentals are learned that will lead to fluency and the global competence that will make your students desirable in the world economy. Foundations starts with language lessons that focus on three aspects that define…

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Overcoming Challenges in the Language Classroom

As educators consider what steps they can take to improve the prospects of their students, one aspect that deserves serious consideration is online language learning. Rosetta Stone Senior Marketing Manager, Tanya Mas, and Education Subject Matter Expert, Boris Morew, recently gave a webinar that provided an overview of the challenges facing language learning in schools and how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help. As you are probably aware, those challenges include: A lack of global competence in existing curricula Lack of tools that truly harness the new technological nature of our classrooms An increase in ELL populations,…

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Top Employee Training Trends in 2016

Education is changing rapidly, even in the workplace. Some of the trends being used in the classroom are also making the transition to the workplace. Here are some of the ideas that will continue to gain traction as 2016 moves through. Mobile learning This isn’t really earthshattering anymore, but employees are used to doing everything on their devices. Corporate training should be no different. The flexibility in time, location, and travel is simply too good to pass up. Mobile learning will just continue to grow as companies continue to expand to new locations. Bite-sized content Those same employees who want to…

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K12 interactive video home

Interactive Video: EdTech Solutions for Your Language Classroom

We are excited to share with you this interactive video that helps educators learn more about how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help you support student success. The video takes two approaches: one that focuses the Language Learning Suite on schools who are looking for support when it comes to meeting their English Language Learner challenges, and another that speaks to schools and districts looking to bolster their world language offerings. Demographics are shifting in American schools. For the first time, minority students make up a majority of the schoolchildren in the US. Within the next ten years,…

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Mobility Considerations in Emerging Markets

As the global economy expands, opportunities are being sought in places that bring a specific set of challenges to companies (particularly HR/mobility departments) who would like to expand into those emerging markets. Finding the right employee(s) Many of these emerging markets, while sustaining growing economies, are still quite a culture shift for employees used to the trapping of a developed region. These countries’ middle classes may be growing, but there is usually still profound poverty, political unrest, and personal danger. This means that not every employee is equipped to take an assignment in one of these places. It takes a…

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0026 K12 Top 5 Languages home

The Top 5 Languages Learned in K-12

As the world’s leader in online language learning, Rosetta Stone can uniquely provide insight into the world’s language trends, the languages that are currently in demand, and what the future may hold in communication. To that end, the company recently announced the top five languages being learned in K-12 school districts, both in the US and globally. In the US, these languages take the top spots: Latin American Spanish American English French Castilian Spanish German English is quickly moving up the charts in the US as English Language Learning students start taking a larger role in the nation’s schools. Judy Verses,…

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EDU Classroom Advantage Webinar home

The Advantages of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom

Recently, Rosetta Stone Education and presented “The Classroom Advantage: Exploring the Advantages of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom”, a webinar hosted by Deb Cody, the World Language Liaison for the Pueblo (Colorado) City School District. Ms. Cody began the presentation with a discussion isolating the 21st century’s students from those of previous generations. These students are: Digitally literate (since early childhood) Experiential – Modern learning is through doing Connected – Used to being connected with people from around the world instantaneously Mobile – For them, technology has always been in their pocket Unlike more traditional learning strategies,…

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Cultural Differences Run Deeper than the Country of Origin

From the outside in, understanding cultural differences often only goes as deep as the country in question. Because we have some generalities about Germans or the Japanese, we expect everyone we encounter from those countries to act in the same fashion. But ask yourself: would Americans from the west coast and the south act the same? What about someone working for the government compared to someone working for Facebook? Those differences can be quite drastic. Here is how you transfer that knowledge to your overseas business. Get familiar with regions Just as in the US, different regions of a country could…

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EDU UCal AG certification home

Rosetta Stone Earns University of California A-G Approval

We’re happy to announce that the Rosetta Stone Spanish I and II offerings have received A-G approval from the University of California. What this means is that California’s high school students can use those products to fulfill their two-year foreign language graduation requirement. To receive this standing, Rosetta Stone Spanish I and II had to fulfill the university’s 15 “power standards” for online courses as well as meet at least 27 of iNACOL’s Standards for Quality Online Courses. The California Learning Resource Network also had to certify that Rosetta Stone achieves 80 percent relevancy against the California Content Standards or the…

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