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Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool

Homeschool parents are always looking for quality programs to assist them in giving their children the best in homeschool education. Rosetta Stone recognizes the importance in giving young language learners, and now young readers, the tools they need to engage, learn, and excel in their academic careers. That’s why we’ve developed Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool. What is Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool? Built in partnership with Lexia Learning—the proven learning method for 1.4 million young readers—this interactive learning system is built on the foundations of a research-proven, technology-based approach to reading instruction. Intended for grades pre-K to…

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Empower Students and Faculty with Tech

It’s no secret that empowering students is key to successful instruction. But what, exactly, is “empowerment” in the higher education context? As noted by Faculty Focus, empowered students understand the importance of what they’re learning, believe they can succeed, and feel they have a choice in both the goals and methods of learning. But students starting out in a required language course may feel insecure and dependent on their language instructor. How can language instructors prevail in fostering the attitudes of empowerment, in spite of the challenges of large class sizes or limited classroom time? Technology-based solutions can boost what…

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Speaking the Language of Employee Engagement

Continued employee development should be a priority for managers and HR professionals. Hiring is about more than just finding talent – it’s an investment in your employees, who are your greatest business asset. Encouraging development can improve results, making management and executives happy, and also reduce turnover, alleviating headaches for HR. Beyond conveying necessary job information, offering staff resources to pursue personal development has also been found to have positive effects on engagement and retention. One such outside-the-box offering that has been embraced by more companies in recent years is corporate language training. While especially useful for companies that have…

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Education Becoming a Primary Focus of Rosetta Stone

Judy Verses, president of Rosetta Stone Global Enterprise & Education (E&E), recently gave an interview to Forbes about the company’s renewed approach to the education market through acquisitions and a focus on providing better service for that sector. Although some new competitors are entering the language-learning market as a whole, they are more focused on the private consumer. Rosetta Stone has the track record and resources to deliver a better blended-learning approach to larger institutions in the K-12 and higher education markets. The power of the education market “Enterprise and education is all about serving the needs of corporate, government,…

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5 Creepy Legends from Around the World

If you think learning a language is scary, just wait until you read these creepy tales. Guest post by Miranda González. Americans don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween. According to Forbes, consumers in the United States spent approximately $6.9 billion on Halloween (costumes, candy, decorations, etc.) in 2013. Put another way, that would be about $21 out of pocket for every man, woman, and child in the United States (nearly 320 million of us!). But while not every country celebrates Halloween or celebrates it to the tune of billions of dollars, Americans certainly haven’t cornered the market for spooky…

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More Immigrant Entrepreneurs Means Changes For Small Businesses

Discussions of immigration in the U.S. typically center on how immigrants fit into the larger cultural picture – in other words, what challenges can immigrant populations face when integrating into larger U.S. society. However, another aspect that is not as frequently addressed is how the steadily growing number of those who emigrate from other countries is affecting the U.S. society that they’re integrating into. As the number of immigrants to the U.S. increases, so too does the number of small-business owners who were born outside of the U.S. This growing prevalence, as well as the tendency of such businesses to…

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How To Keep HR Communication On Track Globally

Globalization continues to affect businesses in all sectors in various ways. One large group that will face some of the same new challenges across the board is the world of the HR professional. Regardless of sector or industry, every company must adapt so they can continue to meet their internal logistics, training and personnel demands. For many HR departments, this has translated to the adoption of new technology to help keep on top of a company’s personnel needs during periods of rapid expansion. While such technologies are paving the way for rapid growth, they also require integration with additional services…

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5 Celebrities Who Speak Spanish

When you’re learning a language it’s often inspirational to see who else has taken on the challenge—or maybe it’s just fun to see what celebs do in their spare time. In the United States, Spanish is the second-most spoken language, and Hollywood is with the rest of us who’ve learned, or are learning it. Here are some video clips showing the prowess and dedication of some of these estrellas. Ben Affleck, along with his younger brother, Casey, learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico. You can see how at ease he is with his second language in this short clip.…

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Big Changes in Language Industry Benefit Higher Ed

A lot has changed in the language-learning platform industry over the past 24 months. As reported in Forbes, the delivery model has completely crossed over to cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions. Venture capitalists are funding more and more language start-ups. Global markets are increasingly fragmented. It’s a language-learning shake-up, and now more than ever, higher ed is playing an important role in the new direction of language-learning software. Higher Ed Takes New Lead in Development In an interview with Judy Verses, president of Rosetta Stone Global Enterprise & Education (E&E), Forbes reports that start-ups have been giving established language-learning companies (like…

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Verses Talks Educational Strategy and Service

Judy Verses, president of Rosetta Stone Global Enterprise & Education (E&E), recently gave an interview with Forbes where she discussed how the company’s new solutions will lead to new and exciting opportunities—not just for Rosetta Stone, but also for students. Her first point, however, is perhaps the most interesting: the #1-selling language for the US-based company is English. Business and education institutions invest heavily in bringing international students up to speed with the chosen language of commerce worldwide. That will become even more important as the numbers of English Language Learning students is only projected to grow in the US…

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