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Know How to Give Employees What They Want With Perks And Benefits

In a market crawling with young and highly trained new talent, it’s a veritable playground for hiring managers when it comes to recruiting and staffing. But with so many companies vying for the same pool of applicants, HR professionals find themselves faced with the challenge of standing out to prospective candidates. While there are obvious draws such as salary and title, many job seekers, especially in the younger millennial demographic, are motivated as much or more by other factors when it comes to finding a corporate home. Perks are becoming more relevant in a big way, and companies that offer their employees avenues to explore personal and community…

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The World’s Most Delicious Desserts

Who’s got a sweet tooth? Cuisines of the world have forever offered up sweets as part of our diverse diets. Our palates have been enticed by the confections and creations of master chefs and moms alike. From breakfast treats to fifth-course sweets, this list of the world’s most delicious desserts will most assuredly whet your appetite. Read the Full Transcript French Macarons. Available in a kaleidoscope of colors, and traditional and contemporary flavors Churros. Exalted doughnuts found at fairs and on breakfast tables Sachertorte. A princely cake born of an apprentice’s skill Kheer. An austere dish made from humble…

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How To Battle Workplace Stress With Mindfulness

As companies grow and expand, employees and managers find themselves with more tasks accumulating in the workplace. Though technology has seen several important advancements in task management in recent years, the majority of workers and even executives are finding their multitasking capabilities taxed like never before. While you may not be able to reduce the amount of work you and your employees have to handle, it is possible to help reduce multitasking stress and refocus staff by putting an emphasis on encouraging mindfulness. Workplace focus is coming under fire One of the biggest challenges creeping into workplaces today is increased…

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The Future of #EdTech in Language Learning

If you already follow or use the “edtech” hashtag, then you know dozens of tweets on the topic pour in every few minutes. We at Rosetta Stone thought we’d share one of our favorite recent #edtech articles about the near future, as well as where we think educational technology may take language learning. Times Higher Education brings us an overview of an exciting report about 12 technologies and tech implementation methods that we can expect to see coming out of Australia (and beyond) in the coming months and years. In the coming six to twenty-four months, we can look for…

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The Pulse of Digital Language Learning

Even though they are just as critical to a student’s success in the global economy, language-learning commitment and resources have been shrinking in public schools. That said, interactive online software and blended learning have revolutionized language learning in the school setting. Let’s have a look at what’s been happening in forward-thinking classrooms—and what’s possible. First, what happens in a blended-language learning environment? Language learning has always been a difficult subject area in which to access multiple levels of taxonomy. It was believed that most of the work had to be done in memorization, a low-level skill. Indeed, vocabulary plays a…

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Rosetta Stone Declared 2014 Tabby Award Winner

Rosetta Course and Fit Brains Trainer Among the Best iPad and Android Tablet Apps of 2014 We are pleased to share the news that Rosetta Stone® was recognized in the following categories as having the best iPad and Android tablet apps in 2014: Overall Winner and Users’ Choice honoree in the Android – Education Category: Rosetta Course®, by Rosetta Stone (United States) Users’ Choice honoree in the iPad – Education / Adults, Professionals and General Category: Rosetta Course, by Rosetta Stone (United States)   Overall Winner and Users’ Choice honoree in the iPad – Health & Fitness Category: Fit Brains Trainer™,…

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How Will You ‘Back to School’? – A Very French Perspective

There are three words that begin to seep into the air this time of year that make children huddle in summer-sunlit corners, and render parents either full of trepidation and angst or utterly gleeful, knowing that their life will go back to “normal” in a short while. What are these words? Back to school In an effort to diminish your anxiety, we present you with a new perspective on the going-back-to-the-school-year grind. We give you La Rentrée The French counterpart to the American season of going back to school has a much rosier, welcome connotation across the pond. The event…

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5 Celebrities Who Speak French

It’s always fun, and maybe even a little inspiring, to learn who else speaks your target language. It’s that je ne sais quoi that makes these people just that much more interesting, and by extension, makes you pretty interesting too, right? Bradley Cooper has an impressive command on la langue française, which he perfected in his studies as an exchange student in Provence.   Canadian Sandra Oh attended school in Montreal and, during her ten seasons on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, showed off her French skills from time to time.   Although Juliette Binoche is a Frenchwoman, you wouldn’t know it for her excellent American-English…

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American Councils Forms New Research Center

American Councils for International Education, one of the great nonprofits working around the globe to expand multicultural and multilingual education, recently announced the launch of the AC Research Center (ARC). Since the 70s, American Councils has organized international exchange programs as well as provided language immersion opportunities, testing and assessment of skills, professional training, community development efforts, and scholarly research. What will happen at the Research Center? The ARC will be devoted to undertaking research that improves the data available for policymakers making decisions about the future of language learning. There are obviously quite a few centers like this for…

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Help International Students Build Language Confidence

Universities across the world are increasing their efforts to recruit international students. They play a major role in internationalizing the campus and usually require little financial aid. Yet many higher education institutions face growing challenges as they help international students integrate comfortably into campus life. The Language Challenge for International Students Most international students pass their introductory language exams. Yet many struggle to keep up in classes, or fully integrate socially with their native-language peers. Students tend to group themselves according to language of choice, without really blending into the native-language student body. As a result, international students sometimes miss…

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