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What You Didn’t Know About Cinco de Mayo

Many Americans may not realize that Cinco de Mayo is more widely and enthusiastically celebrated in the United States than in Mexico. Cynics may say this is due to commercial hype around the holiday by tequila companies and tortilla-chip vendors, but celebrating the fifth day of May goes back to the time of the American Civil War. In 1862, French General Charles Latrille Laurencez, fortified by troops from Queen Isabella II of Spain and Queen Victoria of Great Britain, landed in Veracruz, Mexico, under orders of Napoleon III to invade Mexico and make it a French territory. Unwilling to succumb…

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Tailoring ESL Courses for Adult Learners

Language instructors used to working with younger students almost always find it necessary to adjust their teaching style, and even their lesson plans, to suit the unique needs of adult ESL learners. We’ve gathered some useful tips for developing effective ESL courses for adult learners. Please share your own advice in the comments below. Help them meet their goals: Most adult learners are less motivated by grades and more motivated by their plans for how they will use their language skills. To help participants get what they want out of class, involve class participants in sharing and setting their learning…

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Upcoming Free Webinar: Meeting the Adult ELL Challenge

The US Census pegs the number of non- or limited-English speakers in the country at 25 million. That number is expected to grow over the next few decades. Engaging this segment of our population can make a significant difference in our economy, our politics, and our society as a whole. Although Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the foreign foreign-born population, making up an estimated 24.4% of the US population by 2050, other nationalities also have a significant presence. For instance, the population of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States doubled from 1990 to 2004. Important to note…

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Top Tweets from Rosetta Stone Learners

Social media gives us a wonderful window into the world of our learners. People often share images of themselves actively learning their target language (which we love!), and they send us notes of accomplishments and funny moments that make them and us smile. Here are some of our recent favorites. Among our favorite stories that are shared with us are those from people who have accomplished wonderful things in their personal and professional lives. This tweet is particularly heartwarming because after a mere 12 months of studying Rosetta Stone® French, @VeryGiorgious was able to move to Réunion for work. Congratulations! This little man is working hard,…

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An Insider’s Story of our Kids App Development

There’s a story behind every product that we develop here at Rosetta Stone. Our Webby-nominated Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Letter Sounds is no exception. We asked our lead game designer Chrissie Denniston to share the story of how the Lingos came to life! Blog Post by Chrissie Denniston Learning a foreign language comes naturally to little kids. But memorizing a stack of flashcards isn’t a natural way of learning a foreign language—speaking is! Anyone who knows little kids knows that they love to talk and love to be heard. So when we set out to design Rosetta Stone’s first foray into the kids’ language-learning realm, we wanted to create fun…

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Rosetta Stone Sponsors 2014 National HR in Hospitality Conference

Rosetta Stone® Business is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the 8th Annual National HR in Hospitality Conference & Expo taking place today through Wednesday, April 28-30, at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Rosetta Stone Business team looks forward to sharing best practices in multicultural customer service training with human resources leaders from the nation’s top hotel and restaurant chains. During the conference, get a sneak peek at Rosetta Stone Business’s new suite of language-learning solutions, which features a hospitality-specific language-learning curriculum for hotels and restaurants. This new solution allows hospitality organizations to improve customer…

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Online Training Helps Expand Workplace Learning

When it comes to generating positive acceptance and feedback for enterprise operations, it’s important that businesses are delivering the products and services its employees need in the formats that best facilitate ongoing work initiatives. With more companies expanding into the global realm, not all personnel are likely to work in the same office, city, state, or even country. In order to keep everyone on the same page and facilitate ongoing enterprise success, it’s important that online training program opportunities are extended to meet growing business environments. One of the leading ways to accomplish this feat is through the integration of…

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Rosetta Stone® Language Learning for Homeschool

Bringing Language Learning Home: Foreign Language Learning Curriculum for Homeschool Students  As a homeschooler, you may frequently find yourself faced with the question, “Where do I find quality, effective materials for my students?” Even more so, “How will it help me help them?” Concern for quality curriculum and effective monitoring of your child’s learning can understandably be deepened when you’re trying to find materials for a topic that you may not fully understand, or one that you don’t feel confident teaching. Foreign language learning is frequently at, or near the top of that list. Let us help. Rosetta Stone® Language Learning…

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The 10 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Travel is exciting! From planning your adventures to finally arriving at your long-anticipated home away from home, there’s not much that can beat the joy of being on vacation—except maybe the hotel itself. Continuing our series that shares some of the world’s most exciting places to go and things to see, we’re pleased to present to you some of the most unique hotels in the world. Read the Full Transcript JW Marriott Marquis. Taking vacation accommodations to new heights, this hotel may soon be out-measured. Dasparkhotel. Repurposing at its finest—these tiny digs are home base for travelers looking for…

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Helping International Students Improve English Proficiency Outside the Language Classroom

As the recently released 2013 Open Doors Report on student mobility reveals, the number of international students attending US colleges reached a record high last year. As a result of this influx, universities are facing growing demands to ensure that international students have the English language skills needed to successfully integrate into English-taught courses as well as into local student communities. Here are a few of the tools and services that campuses are using to help international students develop English proficiency, in addition to regular ESL language course offerings: • Student language exchange/buddy programs: Studies have shown that social interaction…

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