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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: ‘Make’ vs. ‘Do’

¡Hola, aprendedores de inglés! Hoy analizamos dos palabras más que son difíciles para los que tienen español como idioma materno. Para cubrir los usos del verbo “hacer,” necesitamos DOS verbos en inglés: make y do. ¿Pero cuando se usa make y cuando se usa do? Aquí vemos…   Usa la palabra do cuando se trata de un trabajo, tarea, quehacer o cualquier actividad en general. Rafael always does his homework. (Rafael siempre hace su tarea.) What do you do for a living? (¿A qué te dedicas?) Who does the grocery shopping in your house? (¿Quién hace las compras en tu…

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New Vaccine Markets Are Further Internationalizing Big Pharma

With the Ebola virus raging in West Africa, and dengue fever infecting people in over 100 countries worldwide, there’s big business in keeping people healthy. The vaccine industry, technically separate from the overall health care industry at large, has continued to grow in response to emerging health threats around the globe. As infectious diseases and, by extension, the vaccines to ward them off develop and evolve, so too does the market in which the industry finds itself operating. Recent growth and a trend toward a more highly globalized industry means that Big Needle will find itself operating in more and…

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You’re Saying it Wrong! – A Lesson in Malapropism

Yogi Berra: Master of Malapropism Yogi Berra, the 89-year-old baseball Hall of Famer, is legendary for a lot of reasons: He was the Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player three different years, he managed teams that made it to the World Series, and he was arguably the greatest catcher of all time, to name a few. But there’s another thing he’s famous for: “Yogiisms.” Berra made people laugh with his statements of the obvious (“you can observe a lot by watching”), his paradoxical statements (“nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded”), and perhaps most hilarious, his malapropisms. What’s a…

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Obamacare Writes A Prescription For Greater Cultural And Linguistic Diversity In Health Care

This month marks the first anniversary of the launch of – a symbol of the significant reform the U.S. health care industry has undergone in recent years. The introduction of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, has brought many changes to the field of medicine, both financially and in terms of practice concerns faced by health care providers. One area that has also been given a jolt is the number of people who are now enrolled in insurance plans who were not previously ensured. More specifically, there is a growing percentage of multicultural and multiethnic Americans, particularly…

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Language Learning: App, App, and Away!

Here in my corner of the globe, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is in full swing. It started Saturday the 4th and runs through October 12th, so if you hop on a plane now, you can still make it in time for a mass ascension, when all of the balloons go up in waves. The Fiesta began in 1972 with 13 balloons in a mall parking lot and has since grown to be the biggest and oldest gathering of hot-air balloons in the world. This year, there are over 600 balloonists participating, and they come from all over the world.…

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Perdido en la traducción

Hace varios años atrás hice un servicio social en una secundaria con una gran población de estudiantes latinos. La secundaria se ubicaba en un barrio de muchos latinos, pero extrañamente, la escuela no contaba con mucho personal que hablaba español. Así que me tocó interpretar durante varios encuentros entre los papás de los estudiantes y los maestros o la administración. Durante mi tiempo ahí, hubo un acontecimiento que realmente me abrió los ojos. Yo había estado enseñando todo el semestre, y llegó la hora de las conferencias entre los padres y los maestros. Llegó un estudiante – lo llamaremos David…

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Rosetta Stone #SmallerWorld Challenge on Instagram! Week 12

Click Here for This Week’s Challenge Our world is getting smaller every day. Here at Rosetta Stone, we see more and more people learning a new language in order to bridge gaps between people, cultures, and continents. And so we want to give our fans, followers, and language learners another chance to help make this world of ours a smaller, smarter, and more tolerant place.   Here’s how we’re going to do it: the #SmallerWorld Challenge Share with us for a chance to WIN! Every Monday for the next 12 weeks, we’ll pose a different challenge calling on you to snap…

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Growth In Chinese Consumer Market Spells Change For Retailers

Yesterday, the National Retail Federation kicked off its annual summit in Seattle, where retailers from throughout the United States are convening to address key issues in their changing industry. An influx of immigrants to the U.S. in recent years means that retailers are now catering not just to their traditional consumer base, but also to a newer contingent of multicultural and multiethnic groups. As a result, many companies will need to take specific steps to improve customer service among these different subsets of the population. One such group that has seen an increase in its representation in the retail…

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Music for The Language-Learning Win!

Have you ever heard a jingle for a product and couldn’t get it out of your head? (♪ “Get a Jeep, get a Jeep, get it cheap, cheap, cheap!”♫) There are songs associated with all sorts of brands—car insurance, cat food, even law firms. And why do you think that businesses go to the trouble of making up catchy tunes about their services or merchandise? It’s the same reason why preschoolers all over the nation sing the ABC’s: music is a mnemonic device. What is a mnemonic device? It’s a technique that enables you to remember something. There are all…

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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: La diferencia entre “in” y “on”: Parte 2

La semana pasada publicamos unas reglas básicas para ayudarte a dominar el uso de las preposiciones in y on. Hoy regresamos con más ejemplos para que puedas navegar el sistema aparentemente arbitrario que gobierna estas preposiciones. Usa in para un carro o camioneta, PERO usa on para cualquier otro medio de transporte. Get in the car/truck! VS. Get on the boat/train/motorcycle/bike/plane! Usa in para material que ha sido impreso, PERO usa on para material electrónico. I read about it in the newspaper. VS. I read about it on Facebook. Usa in time cuando quieres decir que cumpliste algo antes de…

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