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Why Meetings Are So Painful, and How You Can Turn Them Around

Meetings are a common fixture of the corporate world. Businesses thrive on communication, and meetings are the best way to disseminate information to a large group of employees. With businesses stretching across more of the globe than ever, the importance of conducting meetings effectively has only grown. New technology has sprung up in recent years to make conducting business across international borders easier and more accessible, from conference calls to videoconferencing. However, technology is simply a tool, and while it can provide companies with more opportunities and methods to conduct international business, it falls to the individuals themselves to make…

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Aspen Skiing Company Uses Rosetta Stone to Help Keep Pace with Growth of Global Clientele

As the 2014-2015 ski season gets under way in North America, Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading provider of education technology and language-learning solutions, released a case study offering new evidence of the critical connection between customer service success and employee language-training programs for businesses operating in a global context. Based on an analysis of the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for Business program now in place at Aspen Skiing Company of Colorado, the study focuses on the impact of language training on market expansion, customer service, and workforce development challenges. Aspen Skiing Company—which operates iconic resorts at Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen…

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How Companies Can Handle Potentially Difficult Hires

When it comes to the hiring process, HR departments tend to keep things as standardized as possible. The need to recruit, interview, hire and on-board a high number of employees means that there needs to be a certain level of procedure to the process. Of course, the truth is that staff members are all unique, different from each other for any number of reasons ranging from cultural or ethnic background to physical or mental ability. This means that HR processes can’t be completely uniform, especially in instances where employees require special consideration due to disability. Understanding the prevalence of disabled…

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Descifrando 10 Dichos Navideños en Inglés

¡Ya llegó la temporada navideña! En el centro comercial, en el supermercado, hasta en la farmacia – en todas partes – ves artículos navideños como árboles, luces, esferas, papel para envolver regalos, etc. Entre estas decoraciones nunca faltan las frases de buenos deseos y, si vives en los Estados Unidos, están casi todas escritas en inglés. Aquí te damos una guía de dichos populares para que puedas escoger tarjetas para tus familiares o amigos y cantar los villancicos que ponen en la radio. Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad) Merry es otra palabra para decir “feliz.” Es un poco arcaica, así que…

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Can Social Interaction Boost the Achievement of ELL Students?

All educators who work with English language learning students recognize that their lack of English skills can negatively affect their educational achievement. Researchers at Youth-Nex, the University of Virginia’s Center for Effective Youth Development, are zeroing in on one particular facet of the ELL experience: the lack of meaningful interaction with peers. A $580,000 grant from the W.T. Grant Foundation will allow the Center to study the interactions of ELL students with their classmates and to find out how those interactions affect their learning. What will be studied The study hopes to bring attention to how the social experience of…

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The Future of #EdTech in Language Learning

If you already follow or use the “edtech” hashtag, then you know dozens of tweets on the topic pour in every few minutes. We at Rosetta Stone thought we’d share one of our favorite recent #edtech articles about the near future, as well as where we think educational technology may take language learning. Times Higher Education brings us an overview of an exciting report about 12 technologies and tech implementation methods that we can expect to see coming out of Australia (and beyond) in the coming months and years. In the Short Term In the coming six to twenty-four months,…

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From St. Nick to Santa – The Legend of the Man in Red

How Saint Nicholas (the Person) Became Santa Claus (the Legend) While children in the United States don’t start looking for Santa until Christmas Eve, children in much of Western Europe can expect a present from him as early as December 6, which is St. Nicholas Day. (For children in Eastern European countries, it’s December 19.) Kids put their shoes next to the fireplace before they go to bed on the 5th and find them filled with small gifts and sweets the next morning. Saint Nicholas was a real historical figure who formed the basis for our modern-day Santa Claus. While…

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Students Receiving Language Services In HS Less Likely to Graduate on Time

Although it might not be surprising, data collected by Raise DC, a coalition of public, private, and nonprofit groups in the Washington area, shows that students who receive special education or English language services are at a higher risk of not graduating high school on time. Although DC has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country, with as many as 40 percent of students not graduating in four years, it’s thought that these conclusions can be extrapolated to the entire country. Get them early Interestingly, Raise DC’s report shows that ELL students who learn English before starting high…

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Top 15 Spanish Travel Phrases

Got plans to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone is an excellent way to prepare for your travels—be they to Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, or even the Philippines. Whether you’re a beginning Spanish learner or you speak conversational Spanish, it’s always smart to know these top 15 phrases when you’re on to go. Basic Spanish Travel Phrases ¿Habla usted inglés? (Do you speak English?) ¿Puede repetirlo, por favor? (Can you repeat that, please?) Disculpe, ¿qué hora es? (Excuse me, what time is it?) ¿Cuánto cuesta esto? (How much does this cost?) ¿Cómo se dice _____? (How…

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How To Build A Compassionate Workplace

As we approach Thanksgiving, and we look at what makes for good company – whether around the dinner table or around the boardroom table – compassion comes to mind. Compassion is an important yet often-overlooked element in any workplace. Even though employers and employees come together for business purposes, the close interpersonal relationships demanded in the office require a great deal of empathy and understanding between coworkers. Some questions facing management today are how can this compassion and empathy be fostered within a work environment, and why should companies be devoting time and resources to it? Outlined below are some…

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