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What Does Santa Say in Brazil?

What Does Santa say in Brazilian Portuguese? Turns out, he says “Ho! Ho! Ho!” just like in the US! We asked one of our Brazilian Portuguese translators to tell us about how he and his countrymen celebrate Christmas in Brazil. From dinner to decorations, and even a popular Christmas song, he helps us peek into his culture’s holiday experiences. Guest post by Márcio Rezende Even though Brazil is a very warm country and Christmas is celebrated during our summer, I believe the traditions are very similar to the ones in the United States.  Christmas is the most important holiday of…

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English as the Lingua Franca of Business [Infographic]

Conducting business across the globe requires companies to have a multilingual  workforce. While obviously a business advantage, having a workforce that speaks multiple languages naturally leads to language challenges that prevent effective communication across the business. Take a look at the infographic below to discover the impact these communication challenges are having on businesses and how English language training can give companies a leg up on their competition. To learn how Rosetta Stone can help your business overcome these internal communication challenges, take a look at our English language training solutions.

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Arabic Loanwords in English: From Syrup to Safaris

If someone asked you for an Arabic word that’s used in English, what would come to mind? Hummus? Tahini? Maybe falafel? Well, you’re right that these are all words that came into the English language from Arabic. And that’s not surprising, since words related to food are commonly transferred from one language into another. Hummus means “chickpeas” in Arabic, which is what the Middle Eastern dish is made of. According to many linguists, falafel can be traced to the Arabic word falaafil, the plural of filfil, meaning “pepper,” but also used to refer to small round things in earlier stages…

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Rosetta Stone Education encourages you to participate in this year’s Speak Up Survey

There’s only 2 weeks left to participate! Project Tomorrow is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering K-12 students, teachers and parents to have a larger voice in improving education and learning, especially in the areas of science, math and technology. The Speak Up Research Project annually collects and reports on the authentic views of almost 500,000 K-12 students, parents and educators on education issues each year. Since the launch of the survey this year 240,000 Students, Educators, Parents and Community Members have shared their ideas about the use of technology in education. Please take the survey today and…

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Disney Partners with Rosetta Stone

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Disney Interactive. 2013 has been an exciting year for Rosetta Stone, including the introduction of our Kids apps.*  Now we are joining forces with Disney to promote multicultural awareness and language learning to young children through the new Disney Interactive series It’s a Small World: The Animated Series. Disney designed its new online series to heighten kids’ knowledge of places and cultures around the world, while giving them an early edge in foreign-language skills. Young learners are introduced to a new word in Spanish in each episode, through a special language-learning segment dubbed “Words with Wazoh.” And they find…

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Note to Elf – The Early Bird Catches the Deal

Flock to Twitter to unlock our Cyber Monday Best Deal Ever!Update: Twitter followers! You did it! You’ve unlocked the promo code for our Best Deal Ever!You get exclusive early access to our Cyber Monday sale! Simply use the promo code RS<3TW to save 45% on our Complete Language Sets*!Here’s your chance to score an exclusive Rosetta Stone® deal – and share it with your Twitter followers!How it works:• If you don’t already, follow us on Twitter.• Then, retweet our latest post with the hashtag #UnlockRosettaStone. If we get 50 retweets, we will reveal the special Cyber Monday promo code!It’s as simple as that to…

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Gaming Your Way to a New Language

Meet Rosetta Stone® Arcade Academy—a seamless blend of learning and gaming. Our new app is a series of rapid-fire mini games, a la 8-bit arcade classics. Float through space; toss tires; meet burglars face-to-face. All while hearing, reading and identifying Spanish fundamentals ten seconds at a time. Everyone knows video games are fun and engaging. But according to various studies, gaming is also an effective means for education—when the content is right. It’s basic gaming motivation: answer wrong and you lose a life. This forces you to think quickly—to use your Spanish skills in a responsive manner. Quite simply, the…

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The Rise of the Latino Student

The Huffington Post recently published a very important article from Sylvia Puente, the executive director of the Latino Policy Forum, about demographic changes she sees in the Chicago Public Schools and how they could affect the rest of the country. A quick summary of some staggering statistics she shared have implications for just how quickly the Latino population has risen to prominence. At CPS, Latino students make up 44 percent of the population; the largest single cohort in the district. Unfortunately, those students have a 60/40 chance of graduating versus dropping out. Those rising numbers reflect changes across Illinois and…

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Worried About Alzheimer’s? Learn a Second Language

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease[1], one of many types of dementia that particularly affect the aging population. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s typically exhibit a gradual loss of memory, confusion and decreasing communication skills[2]. It is a cruel disease for the afflicted individual and a constant struggle for friends and family. What’s more, the economic and societal effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be devastating. As the number of Americans suffering from these disorders grows—the number of Alzheimer’s patients is expected to triple by 2050[3]—so will the associated costs for our already overburdened…

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International Santas: Brazil’s Papai Noel Arrives in Style

Have you ever heard of Papai Noel? He’s a big part of Christmas celebrations in Brazil, where Christmas comes in the summertime. Unlike European Santas, Papai Noel sometimes dresses in a red silk suit, which is more comfortable in sweltering temperatures. Papai Noel always arrives in style. Since 1996, Rio de Janeiro has displayed the world’s largest floating Christmas tree and light show. Children in Rio crowd into the Maracanã soccer stadium several days before Christmas. Papai Noel, who lives in Greenland according to Brazilian legend, makes a grand entrance. Children look up in the sky and see a helicopter…

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