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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: See, Look At y Watch

En español, los verbos más comunes para describir lo que hacemos con los ojos son “ver” y “mirar.” Sin embargo, en inglés hay tres verbos: see, look at, y watch. Aquí vemos las situaciones en las que se usan cada uno. See no es un verbo de acción Usas la palabra see simplemente para decir que tus ojos están funcionando como deberían. No tomas una decisión ni haces un esfuerzo; simplemente algo cruza por tu vista. Ejemplos: We often see dogs in the park. I saw you at the party last night. Look at es un verbo de acción a…

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Introducing “Driving Global Readiness: A Road Map”

Rosetta Stone Business and are proud to have developed a brand new and pioneering report, Driving Global Readiness: A Road Map. The report is a byproduct of several recent pieces or research, including the 2015 Rosetta Stone Business Language Impact Study, a landmark assessment of just how important language skills are becoming in the workplace. It illustrates the fact that not only are language skills an increasingly valuable asset to employees in the job market, but also to companies that aren’t necessarily doing business internationally. For instance, if you call the help line of the Toronto Transit Commission, you…

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Developmental Assignments: Do’s and Don’ts

For the rising stars in an organization, developmental assignments are seen as a logical step toward leadership talent. They can take place in-house or around the world. They could last for a week or for a year. But considering their costs, it’s always a good idea to maximize your return on investment. Here are some do’s and don’ts when considering developmental assignments. Do: Be absolutely clear about your objectives Perhaps the worst thing you can do when it comes to developmental assignments is giving one to an employee because they’ve “earned it”. They earn bonuses. The costs associated with assignments…

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Give the Gift of Love – A Homemade Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Get creative with your ingredients! Crushed walnuts, almonds, even unsweetened coconut! Have fun with it! Image credit: iStock. Few things say “I love you” better than the gift of chocolate. How can you make this classic sign of affection even more meaningful? Make the chocolates yourself, of course! With a few simple ingredients and the will to get your hands into your work, chocolate truffles can be your next gastronomic coup d’état! (This can also be a romantic activity for two.) Ingredients 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips. You can find these from a higher-end producer at…

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Chinese New Year for the Mandarin Learner – Top Phrases and Traditions

Guest post by The Chairman’s Bao. Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar and is often the only time each year that whole families get together in China. Over 3.6 billion trips are expected to be made over the Chinese New Year period. Celebrated over two weeks, it’s a time to welcome in the new, see out the old and set good fortune for the year to come. This year the Chinese New Year period, also known as Spring Festival, runs from February 19th to March 5th. Chinese New Year Greetings! 新年快乐     xīn nián kuài lè    …

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10 Frases en Inglés Usando La Palabra “Heart”

Ya viene el día del amor y la amistad, y hay corazones por todas partes— chocolates, globos, decoraciones, etc. Es la temporada perfecta para aprender unas frases con la palabra heart, que quiere decir “corazón” en inglés. To set your heart on something Usas esta frase para decir que estás determinado a hacer u obtener algo. Ejemplo: Jane works lots of extra hours because she has her heart set on traveling to Europe. Faint of heart Alguien que es faint of heart se desanima muy fácilmente ante algo difícil o desagradable. Ejemplo: Learning Chinese is not for the faint of…

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12 Pick-Up Lines in 6 Languages—Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

If love isn’t quite in the air but you’d like it to be this Valentine’s Day, we’ve gathered some (hopefully) effective and definitely entertaining pick-up lines for you to employ on your quest for romance. From our language Tutors to cheeky staff members, contributions to this list poured in from Rosetta Stone employees—undeniable lovers . . . of language, that is. You may be wondering why we’ve offered two lines for each language. Well, as with language learning, we want our readers and language learners to have all the success they can possibly have! (In other words, if the first…

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Employee Development, Engagement, and Global Readiness

The stakes are high in employee retention. According to a study by Deloitte last year, 70 percent of Millennials (who will make up 75 percent of the workforce within 10 years) felt that independent work would be a part of their careers at some time. They aren’t afraid to go out on their own. Instead of worrying about losing workers to competitors, businesses now have to worry about losing workers to their own ambition. That ambition needs to be sated in your organization instead. Of course, employees want to feel valued. But they also want to know that their employer…

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