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End the Blame Game to Promote a Healthy Workplace

It’s human instinct to look for an external source to blame when things go wrong, particularly in the workplace. In a moment of panic, the stress and repercussions of taking responsibility for a mistake can induce a slew of both psychological and physical side effects. Research even indicates that in addition to providing some momentary relief, throwing blame around can have a contagious appeal.Any personal benefit afforded by blaming a coworker or manager, however, is not worth the long-term detriments that in-office blaming can have on the corporate environment. Instead, employees of all levels should aim to recognize when to…

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Technology Streamlining HR Processes

Long gone are the days when human resources professionals were tasked with merely providing new hires with employee handbooks and managing requests for time off. Today’s HR managers are often faced with an increasingly diverse array of tasks, and with the demands of operating in a highly competitive business environment, many HR professionals are finding themselves overwhelmed. Fortunately, innovative new technological solutions are being developed that could streamline much of HR managers’ daily operations. A Centralized Approach Even for the most tech-savvy human resources professionals, choosing between the myriad HR software packages available can be a daunting task. For this…

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Language-Learning Priorities in the United States

It might not surprise you to hear that the United States is behind many other countries in the world when it comes to preparing its students to compete in the multilingual global economy. Many countries require students to speak two or three languages other than their primary tongue by the time they have concluded their education. As you probably know, no such requirement exists in the US. Preparing our students to participate in the 21st century economy should be a national priority. After all, that is the primary purpose of the Common Core State Standards. But language learning doesn’t appear…

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Workplace Safety Depends on Language Understanding

Diversity in the workplace is certainly something to be celebrated, and can contribute to national as well as international market expansion efforts. Are there times, however, when bilingualism can actually cause a company harm? Studies indicate yes. Businesses that want the benefits of an international workforce should be particularly careful to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation when it comes to transmitting vital information. This responsibility should be attended to both internally, between employees, and externally between workers and clients. Above all, it’s an employer’s responsibility, for their own good as well as that of their staff, to enact…

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What Type of Language Learner Are You?

At any given moment, millions of people are learning a new language—from schoolchildren starting their first French class to travelers wanting to enrich their cultural experiences. In our experience, most language learners fall into several distinct camps. Which one sounds most like you? The Use-It-or-Lose-It Guy/Gal When you were a child, you traveled with your parents to somewhere exotic for an extended stay—maybe as a military kid, or to spend summer with your Turkish grandparents. You fondly remember the good old days, when you could rattle off phrases as if they were second nature, maybe even recite a bit of…

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Technology Benefits HR When Used Efficiently

As digital technology becomes ubiquitous in people’s professional and personal lives, its possible utility for human resource staff increases as well. From hiring to training, digital tools can compartmentalize and streamline the process of building and developing a highly skilled workforce. One potential drawback of technology’s growth, however, is the speed at which it is occurring. An overwhelming number of resources—even valuable ones—can make it difficult for companies to identify the tools best-suited to their needs, and then focus on honing a comprehensive understanding of those devices. Each day, a slew of new software programs, applications, and even networks are…

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How do Companies Measure Diversity?

In the past, the metrics used to define corporate diversity were fairly straightforward. Factors such as varying cultural background, religion, and sexual orientation contributed to the creation of a workforce that embraced a broader spectrum of perspectives and beliefs. Today, that list of attributes continues to evolve. Companies that care about reaching out to a wide audience of customers and clients, as well as increasing internal diversity, need to consider a broader range of of employee qualities. What is Diversity? The attributes that people have or develop outside of the office certainly have an impact on their professional lives. They…

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The Four Qualities of a Good Delegator

What makes a great leader in the business world? People may make the mistake of equating quality management with a person’s ability to take on any task that hits his or her desk. While this is true to a certain extent, an individual’s aptitude for delegating is just as important as his or her capacity for managing responsibilities alone. The art of delegation, however, does not come overnight and should be a focus of staff training and development programs in order to ensure its proper implementation. In addition to benefiting the company, a strong ability to delegate says a lot…

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Seven World Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Beauty abounds in colorful festivals around the world. Many—with their grandeur and ancient customs—are absolute destination events. If you’re planning a trip this year, or if you’re writing your bucket list, consider adding some of our favorites to your itinerary. Read the Full Transcript From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you. From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you: Art Basel. Located in three cities across the globe, this event is the pinnacle art festival for artists…

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Preparing Students for a Global Community: Leadership and Language

Free webinar on March 18th, featuring Nakia Douglas, principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. In 2011, the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX began using the Rosetta Stone language solution to help their students learn Spanish, Chinese, and Latin. Realizing that language learning equates to success in the multilingual 21st century economy, the first all-male public school in Dallas was hoping to build students’ communication skills that would translate into international study opportunities and improved college acceptance for graduates. BOMLA got much more than that. At the Academy, the Rosetta Stone solution has helped Extend language…

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