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Rosetta Stone City Guide | Paris

Emma Neilsen, a Studio Coach manager with Rosetta Stone, was born and raised in Paris, France. As a native Parisian, she’s happy to share some of her favorite spots in the city. I asked her some questions, designed to give Francophiles a taste of the city as she knows it. What is your hometown? Paris, France How long did you live there? I was born and raised in Paris. I moved from Paris to the United States when I was 22. What is this region known for? Paris is known as the City of Light, and it is true. If…

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Brooklyn, Sweden

Photo by Sean Holmquest So as I continue my foray back into the Swedish language, I’ve gotten to the point where I pick up on conversations around me that happen to be in Swedish. For instance, I was in the Laundromat the other day, and while sitting there folding my clothes and reviewing my clothing vocabulary (byxor, T-tröja, strumpor, and more) the woman right next to me seemed to be having a very impassioned conversation in Swedish with her roommates (unless she lives with her parents, and then it was probably them). The next day as…

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There’s a Lot of Joy in a Little Bell Ring

I’m coming to French out of necessity. Sometime in the coming months I’m headed to Rwanda to work in a few refugee camps for the American Refugee Committee, and most people will tell you that French is a must in East Africa. With no time to waste, I ordered Rosetta Stone French Level 1. I popped open the yellow box, loaded the CD, and so far have been through 21 activities. My vocabulary is growing, but I’m learning other things along the way as well. Here are a few: 1. A leap of faith. Language learning starts at the simplest…

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Rosetta Stone Swedish – Getting Back to Swedish!

So where could you go to see people making cartoon faces and becoming mouth contortionists, all while trying to learn a language? Well, you could have traveled to my Swedish class as part of a study-abroad program in Stockholm in 2008, or you could visit my living room now. I recently launched into the Rosetta Stone Swedish program hoping to reclaim a lot of the language skills I lost upon leaving Stockholm. Immediately I found myself making silly faces while trying to pronounce the vowels y and ö. To a nonnative speaker, these vowels can cause some confusion as their…

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Expands our horizons

I have been a spanish learner nearly all my many years, but until i began studying spanish (Spain) 2 years ago i was always disappointed with my vocabulary. Within months of beginning Rosetta Stone and the studio sessions, my vocabulary improved tremendously and as a result i have been able to have more meaningful conversations with my spanish speaking friends around the globe! (more…)

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Ursuline High School Raises the Bar for Language Learning during Language Week

Located in in London, Ursuline High School prepares its students for life in our global society. Recognizing the integral part languages play in today’s world, the school holds an annual language week each year. Organized to coincide with the European Day of Languages, this year’s event was held September 24–28 to celebrate different cultures, focus on the enrichment language brings, and educate students and the wider school community about the importance of learning languages. In collaboration with Rosetta Stone, with whom Ursuline has partnered to offer students a wider variety of languages and more diverse study options, the school held…

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Reading and Understanding Russian on the Red Carpet

While in Russia, I was a guest of the VOICES Film Festival in Vologda. VOICES stands for the Vologda Independent Cinema from European Screens. It is an esteemed film festival highlighting directors and films from Europe. A few of the films were sub-titled in English, but most were sub-titled in Russian. My most memorable Russian language moment occurred at the film festival. My friend Ramil and I were watching “Love,” which is a French film by award winning director Michael Haneke. I was totally involved with reading the sub-titles while watching the film. After about 20 minutes of reading Russian…

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I Didn’t Need a Grammar Book

I started using Rosetta Stone Français five months ago and I am almost done with all five levels. I have been reading the news in French for a while now, and while I can’t understand all of it I can comprehend it for the most part. But I still have more to learn. When I got to level three I thought I wasn’t learning enough grammar so I bought a grammar book. However by the time I got to later lessons I realized I had jumped to conclusions as Rosetta Stone covered what I thought I had missed. Zach from St.…

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New Features and New Apps: There’s a Lot to Get Excited About!

Rosetta Stone’s first Demo Day was held on August 30, 2012, at our headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. This internal event was hosted by our Research and Development department, which is composed of more than 200 people who innovate, design, and build new products at Rosetta Stone. Demo Day was held to give employees in other departments a behind-the-scenes peek at all of what goes into designing our products. Around thirty of us on the R&D team traveled from our Harrisonburg, Virginia, office to Arlington, where we took over the lobby and conference-room space. It was wonderful to see such energy…

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Photo Feature: Portraits of Ethiopia

On the photo-sharing site Flickr, we’re highlighting global images by asking community members to submit their photos of travel, culture, and communication. Today, we’d like to share a few photos submitted by Jeff James, who is the visual creations manager and lead photographer at Rosetta Stone, in our Harrisonburg, Virginia, office. Here’s what Jeff told us about his images: From 2004 to 2006, my wife and I did volunteer work in rural Ethiopia, running a clinic, a hospital, and a program for orphans. At the end of our stay, as a going-away gift to our Ethiopian colleagues, I made these…

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