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Why You Should Encourage Corporate Development For Hispanic Employees

As companies strive to embrace diversity, it’s increasingly important for HR professionals to be aware of the broad array of different cultures present in the office. Being sensitive to the unique considerations of your employees and fostering strong business communication skills is essential to attract top talent from across an array of cultural backgrounds. Especially with the surge in professionals of Hispanic descent entering the workforce, understanding the values and goals of this subset of your staff will go a long way to establish a mutually productive and respectful workplace. The Demonstrated Importance Of A Diverse Workplace In a modern…

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Italian Language Lessons in Action

I’m amazed that it’s been two years since I started my Italian-language journey in earnest. Strangely, the deeper I go, the less I feel I know. But at the same time, it is a great pleasure when (in certain moments) I stop reaching for words and everything starts to click mentally. A year ago when I was visiting Rome, I had the luxury of having my friends with me for the greater part of my stay. Yes, I was understanding more things that were said to me. But I had to work very hard at listening and speaking. It felt…

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Corporate Diversity Needs To Come From The Top

Thanks to many recent efforts on a global scale from the UN, as well as across individual corporations’ HR professionals, many workplaces now take active steps to increase diversity and inclusivity among their ranks. While policies and training implemented at the employee level are becoming more widespread, there is a developing trend that for diversity to be fully integrated into corporate culture, the biggest efforts must come not from the employees, but from the management and executives. Diversify From The Top Down Employees look to upper-level executives to define and enforce company culture. With that in mind, diversity issues merely…

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Brain Training comes to Rosetta Stone

In late 2013, Vivity Labs, creator of Fit Brains™ brain-training games and tools, joined the Rosetta Stone family of products. With the addition of Fit Brains to our growing suite of technology-driven learning programs—including Lexia Learning, Tell Me More®, and Livemocha®— we continue to extend the Rosetta Stone brand beyond language learning. Fit Brains has been featured in The New York Times and Mashable, and like our award-winning language-learning approach, Fit Brains is engaging, challenging—and really hard to put down.   An active brain is a happy brain! Studies show that participating in brain-health activities regularly can increase overall happiness,…

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Four Ways US Colleges Improve First-year International Student Retention

The first year of college can be particularly tough academically and socially, even for domestic students. For international students, this adjustment period is intensified with the added challenges of navigating a new education system, learning new cultural and social norms, and overcoming language barriers. As a result, many international students withdraw within their first year. As more and more campuses address this challenge, the number and types of support they offer international students are expanding. Nearly 40 percent of the international students surveyed in a recent study reported that they had no close American friends. Many campuses arrange events, mixers,…

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Rosetta Stone Wins Five Academics’ Choice “Smart Media” Awards

We’re pleased to share the news that five of our products have received a 2014 Academics’ Choice™ Smart Media Award, a seal of educational quality that’s given to the best educational media and toys on the market. This distinguished award is among those presented as part of the Academics’ Choice Spring 2014 awards program. (For more information about the award, read our press release.) Learn more about—and download—the honorees. Rosetta Course® for iOS Rosetta Course allows you to continue discovering your new language on the go. The app brings the award-winning Rosetta Stone® language-learning method to Apple mobile devices, helping…

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Globalization Readiness: Are You Prepared?

Globalization has left almost no industry untouched. The internet has provided businesses with access to broader markets than ever before, and as a result, many fields are beginning to move into increasingly globalized spaces. The prospect of trying to move into international markets can seem daunting or confusing. Below are a few key facts about globalization, and how it will impact your need to keep your business communication skills current across borders. Old and New Industries Riding the Wave Recently, more and more sectors are seeing definite advantages to globalizing. The automobile industry, for so long an American mainstay, has…

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States and Districts Face Decisions on the Subject of ELL Assessment

The risks in high-stakes testing can be even higher for English Language Learners (ELLs) than for their English-speaking counterparts. In most states and districts, an ELL’s performance on the state’s standardized test can determine where the student falls on the ELL scale and what kinds of classes they will take. A student who is moved into a regular class too early can struggle; too late and they can become frustrated because the work has become too easy. This school year is the calm before the storm. Next year, states that have backed one of the two next-generation assessment consortia, PARCC and…

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Mother’s Days Around the World

Celebrations honoring mothers happen worldwide. While their histories and traditions vary widely, their sentiments are similar: giving thanks to mothers and paying respect to the women who carry out this most important station in all of our lives. Mothering Sunday in Britain Although it’s often called Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday has nothing to do with the American version of the holiday. In medieval times, it was the one day of the year that servants—namely daughters who had gone off to be domestic servants—were allowed to travel to their “mother church.” In modern times, Mothering Sunday still happens on the fourth…

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Is Going Abroad a Smart Mid-Career Decision?

There is no shortage of studies and scholarly articles supporting a college student’s decision to study abroad. From unique cultural experiences to the opportunity to fend for themselves in a foreign environment, the ways in which young adults can benefit from a semester or more living and learning in another country are frequently touted by the global community. Now consider that same situation in terms of employees. Do adults in the workforce, regardless of age, stand to gain from taking time away from their career, or at least their typical workplace, to spend time abroad? Holly Bull, president of the…

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