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Rosetta Stone Proudly Supports Digital Learning Day

February 5th marks this year’s Digital Learning Day. Organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education, Digital Learning Day celebrates technology-based innovations in teaching and learning to focus on improving educational outcomes for the world’s underserved students through blended learning and other initiatives. Events are held across the United States and around the world. Some raise awareness of the benefits of digital learning. Others demonstrate the accomplishments possible when inquisitive students use learning technology. The national showcase event is broadcast live on the Internet from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, and features demonstrations of the latest digital teaching techniques…

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Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜發財!

A New Year’s Poem Gung Hay Fa Cai!  In China, every girl and boy Celebrates the New Year In a very special way With fireworks and dragons, Colored red and gold They welcome the New Year And chase away the Old! For over 4,000 years, the people of China have celebrated the Lunar New Year. Dating back to the Shang Dynasty (about 1600–1050 BCE), Chinese New Year is the ultimate of festivals that brings together families, sends off the old year, and rings in the new with a fiery-red bang!   Why all the red and fireworks? There’s a legend…

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Why Listening is More Important than Speaking in Sales

Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking”. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job. – Roy Bartell Listening and speaking are two of the most critical skills for a great salesperson. Consider a time when you were excited or “sold” on a product, service, or idea. How well did the person listen to your needs? What did the person say? How did it make you feel? Now consider the opposite situation. We’ve all been victims of the “hard sell” before. One of the toughest aspects of those experiences is…

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The Value of Workforce Development: By the Numbers

With the economic challenges in the past few years, many companies have pulled back on training opportunities. It seems logical to reduce spending when times get tough; however, the ones who push forward with high-value internal investments are positioned to succeed as the market turns around. Where it All Begins It’s common knowledge: a company that invests in internal training is better suited to meet market demands than a company that does not. The real question is how much it really matters. A survey by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that companies that invest in training…

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A Week In Tweets – Top @RosettaStone Fan Tweets

Lauren Talarico, Morning Anchor for News19, WLTX in Columbia, SC, is thinking about changing careers… well, maybe. Either way, we’re here to help! Good luck with your Spanish lessons Lauren! Phillip was very happy with his first Rosetta Studio session – a live, online session led by a Studio Coach who is a native speaker of Philip’s target language. Dana shares her stellar progress in her Spanish lessons! Thanks for sharing everyone! Feeling inspired? Check out Rosetta Stone language-learning products for yourself! What language will start your learning adventure?

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How to Add Language Learning to Your After-School Program

It’s no secret that America’s English Language Learner population is growing at an almost-exponential rate. As the ELL population grows, so does that segment’s use of after-school programs. The ability of ELLs to quickly learn and utilize the English language could be the difference between slipping through the cracks and assimilating into the general student population and experiencing success, particularly in regard to the new Common Core State Standards and their required assessments. Perhaps it’s time to keep these students and their needs in mind when considering a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. As you know, the 21st CCLC…

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Rosetta Stone’s Nicole Wilson Talks Language Trends on NPR

Why are certain languages so-hot-right-now while others have seemingly been relegated to has-been status?  Major world events and the rise (and fall) of economic superstars are dictating what happens in the American language learning landscape. And these changes are happening at a surprisingly fast pace. Rosetta Stone’s Nicole Wilson joins the conversation on NPR’s On Point where host Tom Ashbrook explores the importance of language learning in the modern economy. The guests examine the state of language education in U.S. schools and universities, as well as the relevance of foreign language proficiency for job performance in the United States and abroad. Click…

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What Can You Gain from Learning a Language with Rosetta Stone?

We receive a lot of lovely feedback in our various social media channels from people who are learning with Rosetta Stone products. Back in September we heard from Meagan Pelletier on our Facebook page. We were so pleased to hear about her accomplishments that we reached out to her and asked if she’d be willing to share her story here. Guest post by Meagan Pelletier Growing up, my best friend was Italian. I saw how fun and how full of life his family was. I was always admiring of and envious of the culture. Then, a few years ago, my sister…

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How to Prepare for an Expat Assignment

Pop quiz: you have just been notified that in six months you will be relocating to a foreign country to take up a challenging new assignment at work. What is your first step? If your response is anything like that of the majority of people, there’s a moment of panic. The thought of moving halfway around the world to an unfamiliar place is unsettling to say the least. However, it can also be a great opportunity to travel, immerse oneself in another culture, and develop new skills. That said, it’s not always an easy transition. Here are a few tips…

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Adding “Inclusion” to Diversity & Inclusion Programs

In recent years, trends in diversity have taken a new direction. Instead of the conversation only focusing on the tolerance of differences, it has grown to incorporate the concept of inclusion. Consider for a moment the implications of diversity in its original, unaltered state. The whole purpose was to simply bring in diverse employees. Incorporating these employees’ diverse viewpoints and ideas into the larger organization was not the goal, simply employing them was enough. On the other side of that discussion, inclusion offers a very different meaning. The focus is on not only allowing diverse inputs, but actually accepting and…

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