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Perdido en la traducción

Hace varios años atrás hice un servicio social en una secundaria con una gran población de estudiantes latinos. La secundaria se ubicaba en un barrio de muchos latinos, pero extrañamente, la escuela no contaba con mucho personal que hablaba español. Así que me tocó interpretar durante varios encuentros entre los papás de los estudiantes y los maestros o la administración. Durante mi tiempo ahí, hubo un acontecimiento que realmente me abrió los ojos. Yo había estado enseñando todo el semestre, y llegó la hora de las conferencias entre los padres y los maestros. Llegó un estudiante – lo llamaremos David…

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Rosetta Stone #SmallerWorld Challenge on Instagram! Week 12

Click Here for This Week’s Challenge Our world is getting smaller every day. Here at Rosetta Stone, we see more and more people learning a new language in order to bridge gaps between people, cultures, and continents. And so we want to give our fans, followers, and language learners another chance to help make this world of ours a smaller, smarter, and more tolerant place.   Here’s how we’re going to do it: the #SmallerWorld Challenge Share with us for a chance to WIN! Every Monday for the next 12 weeks, we’ll pose a different challenge calling on you to snap…

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Growth In Chinese Consumer Market Spells Change For Retailers

Yesterday, the National Retail Federation kicked off its annual summit in Seattle, where retailers from throughout the United States are convening to address key issues in their changing industry. An influx of immigrants to the U.S. in recent years means that retailers are now catering not just to their traditional consumer base, but also to a newer contingent of multicultural and multiethnic groups. As a result, many companies will need to take specific steps to improve customer service among these different subsets of the population. One such group that has seen an increase in its representation in the retail…

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Music for The Language-Learning Win!

Have you ever heard a jingle for a product and couldn’t get it out of your head? (♪ “Get a Jeep, get a Jeep, get it cheap, cheap, cheap!”♫) There are songs associated with all sorts of brands—car insurance, cat food, even law firms. And why do you think that businesses go to the trouble of making up catchy tunes about their services or merchandise? It’s the same reason why preschoolers all over the nation sing the ABC’s: music is a mnemonic device. What is a mnemonic device? It’s a technique that enables you to remember something. There are all…

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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: La diferencia entre “in” y “on”: Parte 2

La semana pasada publicamos unas reglas básicas para ayudarte a dominar el uso de las preposiciones in y on. Hoy regresamos con más ejemplos para que puedas navegar el sistema aparentemente arbitrario que gobierna estas preposiciones. Usa in para un carro o camioneta, PERO usa on para cualquier otro medio de transporte. Get in the car/truck! VS. Get on the boat/train/motorcycle/bike/plane! Usa in para material que ha sido impreso, PERO usa on para material electrónico. I read about it in the newspaper. VS. I read about it on Facebook. Usa in time cuando quieres decir que cumpliste algo antes de…

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10 English Words You Didn’t Realize Were Foreign Imports

The English language, as we know it today, has evolved over time from a patchwork of multiple languages. For example, the English word bottle was derived from the French word bouteille, which came from butticula, a Medieval Latin word. However, while these words may look somewhat similar, we wouldn’t identify them as the same word without a previous explanation. Loanwords, on the other hand, are words that are lifted from one language and incorporated into another with almost no modification. English borrows so frequently from other languages that many times, we aren’t aware of word origins. And it’s uncertain why…

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Going Global: Manufacturing Spreads To More And Different Countries

The relationship the U.S. has had with foreign-based manufacturing is an ongoing one – “Made in China” tags have become downright ubiquitous, and goods made in the U.S. are almost considered specialty items. The recent economic downturn has done a fair bit to ensure this trend doesn’t change any time soon. In fact, if anything, the global manufacturing market seems to be expanding. Retailers have traditionally turned to outsourcing to factories in foreign countries as a cost-effective way to save money on parts and labor. In the wake of the Great Recession that hit in 2008, many companies have been…

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Cultivating Multicultural Diversity In The Agriculture Industry

The development of agriculture has been an integral part of our national development. From the tales of the first Thanksgiving all the way to the present day, farming and growing food remains a firmly established part of the American identity. More importantly, our national agricultural endeavors have been underpinned by a strong multicultural presence right from the get go. The earliest American settlers received help from the native people of North America to kick start their winter crop yield back in the 17th century, and hundreds of years later the United Farm Workers of America was founded to represent the…

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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: La Diferencia Entre “in” y “on”: Parte 1

Las preposiciones pueden ser un dolor de cabeza para los que están aprendiendo inglés. Para los hispanohablantes, unas preposiciones específicas que causan confusión son in y on, especialmente porque sólo tienen un equivalente en español: “en”. Además, en inglés hay casos en los que se usa on o in mientras que en español no se usa ninguna preposición. Pero ¡no se desanimen! Con unas cuantas reglas básicas, podemos resolver el misterio de estas dos preposiciones. Usa in para países, ciudades, meses, años/siglos y temporadas. I live in the United States. (Vivo en los Estados Unidos.) He lives in New York. (El vive en Nueva…

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It’s Never Too Late!

You’ve likely heard about the research that shows that the best time to learn a second language is when you’re child. That’s fantastic news if you’ve been working hard to raise your children in a bilingual environment since birth. But if you’re over the age of 12 and wanting to learn a language, are you a lost cause? Should you resign yourself to a life of monolingualism? The answer, of course, is no. It’s time to stop agonizing Adult language learners often worry that they’ve waited too long to learn a new language, or if they do decide to pick up…

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