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Bubbles and Toys Galore: A Mom’s Take on the Rosetta Stone Kids App

When I heard that Rosetta Stone was coming out with an app that helps preschoolers practice their reading skills and expose them to language learning, I jumped at the chance to get my four-year-old in front of it and downloaded it from the app store right away. Right off the bat, my kiddo was hooked. As my daughter Bailey opens up the app, she enters the world of the GoGo Lingos, the colorful and lively characters in the app. A happy little voice greets her and gives easy-to-follow instructions. Navigating the touchscreen is second nature for my little one, who (like so…

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Does Language Belong in Diversity & Inclusion Programs?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are all about harnessing the unique strengths and abilities of a varied workforce for stronger performance. However, the path to a sustainable, diverse organization isn’t always clear. Often times the idea of diversity is thrown around without much regard for the “how” to make it work. The response typically seems to be, “Yes, it’s a nice theory, but how do we really do it?” When you can make the diversity initiative “real” for employees, they will take it seriously and work to make it a reality. Among the various avenues a company can pursue in…

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Online Language Learning – Recipe for Success Webinar

Rosetta Stone invites you to keep your new school year momentum going and view our Recipe for Success webinar that focuses on online language learning and the benefits it provides your students. Given the language challenges we face, it’s natural that the way we teach and how we think about learning is changing rapidly. The Rosetta Stone® online language learning solution uses technology that allows students to become more engaged with the material, to work at their own pace, and to work from anywhere at anytime, including: Carefully structured core lessons Live online coaching sessions with native speakers Fun and…

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The Role of Language in Medical Programs

For nurses, doctors, technicians, and others in the medical field, the need to communicate with patients and family members from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds is becoming a daily demand. There is a need both for ESL training for professionals from immigrant backgrounds, as well as training in key languages represented in the community. Hospitals and medical facilities have begun to make language skills an important factor when considering candidates for employment. In fact, the Standards of Practice for Culturally Competent Nursing Care, a joint effort of the Transcultural Nursing Society and the American Nursing Association, was updated in 2011. In…

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The 4 Weaknesses of Traditional Training Programs

Training has undergone some shifting in recent years. Some of the changes are subtle, others not so much. Today we’re going to take a look at four critical weaknesses of traditional training programs. You might see some of your own organization’s training practices detailed here, so take some time to consider if you’re getting the most bang for your training bucks.The Four WeaknessesLack of flexibility – Employees get a course syllabus and an expectation to keep up with the instructor at all times, no matter what else they have going on in life.Geographic access issues – If employees are not…

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How Technology Fits in IEP and ESL Programs

Intensive English (IEP) and English as a second language (ESL) programs play a critical role in improving access to higher education in the U.S. for domestic and international students with insufficient language skills. The ESL classroom is almost always made up of students from extremely diverse backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in terms of their native languages and cultures, but also in their educational backgrounds, learning style, and academic goals. Students who are taking ESL courses at the post-secondary level need to improve their language skills quickly, and their success in the ESL course(s) will directly impact their ability to…

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You Have to Speak to Serve

You see a customer looking at an item on the shelf with a puzzled expression on her face. You walk over and say, “Good morning, ma’am. Thanks for visiting us today. Is there anything I can help you with?”  With those words, her face falls. She shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head to indicate that she doesn’t understand what you mean. You suddenly realize that she does not speak English, and now your hopes fall as well. With a seemingly insurmountable language barrier in your path, you watch as she puts the item back on the shelf and walks…

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A Popular Ice Cream Flavor Lost in Translation

There’s never been a better time to learn a new language: Click to try our free demo! I saw this picture on a Power Point slide in my Psych class.  It was a classic case of lost in translation—a small faux pas with a hilarious result. The English translation, of course, was meant to be “Rum Raisin.”  So—why the mix-up? My professor pointed out, in Japanese, there’s no difference between the /r/ and /l/ sounds. Thus, “rum” and “lamb” are both written as ラム (ra-mu). I found this interesting, and worthy of further examination.  Line 1: The Japanese is written correctly, with “rum” as…

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Arrrg! Our International ‘Talk Like A Pirate’ Day Video Leaks!

Shiver me timbers, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Learn some essential phrases through the video, and give us your favorite pirate line, if ye dare! Ha! We got you! This wasn’t actually a leaked video on the internet, but a fun video project we put together to celebrate International ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day! We had a great time sharing the Rosetta Stone “Pirate” language in this video spoof for our fans in honor of this special day. We hope you enjoyed the video and hope you share your favorite pirate lines with us!

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Another Autumn Morning at Work in Sweden

Nuno moved to Sweden from his native Portugal in April of 2013. He realized he needed to learn the local language as quickly as possible in order to better communicate in his personal and professional life in this new country. So Nuno took on the challenge of learning Swedish in 180 days using Rosetta Stone. Follow his progress on Facebook and learn more about his story. Share Nuno’s story with your friends and like us on Facebook if you have a goal you want to accomplish in 180 days.

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