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Language Learning Resources for Teachers

The journey to blended learning success sometimes requires a guide that has “been there, done that”. That’s why Rosetta Stone has assembled a wealth of resources on our new site, Language Creates. The highlight of the site is the ability for teachers to share their own stories and tips for leveraging blended learning and Rosetta Stone in their own classrooms. It’s like being in the teachers’ lounge! Language Creates is powered by guest bloggers and Rosetta Stone Teacher Ambassadors just like you. They share their stories on our Teacher Tuesday blog and through other means, like webinars that are designed…

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The Sought-After Features of Blended Learning in Language Instruction

In particular, blended learning has proven transformational in the language classroom. A discipline that has been traditionally neglected compared to the core subjects can now be made considerably more effective through the introduction of technology. That being said, there are some things to be looking for when you are considering adopting a blended learning strategy in the language learning setting, depending on the level of students you are seeking to instruct. Beginning students Immersive instruction – You want an experience that comes as close as possible to being dropped in the middle of another country. Self-guidance – The goal of…

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Expats

As business becomes increasingly global, many companies turn toward relocating their own employees to new foreign offices rather than try to hire local workers. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the practice comes with both benefits and trade-offs. In a recent article for Human Resources IQ, Martin Laird relied on his own experience to discuss both the pros and cons of utilizing expatriates to facilitate international growth. Some of the highlights: Local workers simply are not familiar with your existing corporate culture and ways of work. The growing pains of a local worker learning the ropes can…

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Flexibility in Blended Learning

One of the overwhelming positives for utilizing blended learning in the classroom is the flexibility it offers. Teachers know that education is never one-size-fits-all. The right technology can help fit every student’s needs while still fitting under the resource and time constraints of modern education. The most popular blended learning model features a rotation, where students have the opportunity to work in a variety of different ways during the course of a lesson. Teacher-led instruction Most instruction in new skills emanates from the teacher. That might come in the form of whole-group instruction or breaking students into small groups to…

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Come Visit Rosetta Stone at ACTFL 2015 in San Diego

Rosetta Stone Education is proud to again exhibit at the ACTFL 2015 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo. The convention runs from Friday, November 20th to Sunday, November 22nd in San Diego, California. Find Rosetta Stone Education at booth #1627 for connection opportunities, information about bringing personalized language learning into your classroom, and free prizes! With over 6,000 international attendees and over 250 exhibitors, the ACTFL convention is one of the largest gatherings of language learning professionals in the world. This year’s theme is “Inspire. Engage. Transform”, to reflect the broad impact that language educators can have on a student’s life.…

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Looking Ahead to 2025: The Skills Employees Will Need

Recently, leadership and development scion John Boudreau wrote in Talent Management about a 2013 study that asked 30 HR leaders where they thought the field was going to look like in 2025. Not surprisingly, many of their predictions had to do with what they believed would be the effects of advancing technology on the workforce. What skills would employees need in order to be successful in this future world? Flexible and transient workforces Technology moves fast now, and will probably move faster in 10 years. That requires a workforce that can quickly take on new skills, redistribute itself as technology…

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Teacher Key Takeaways from iNACOL 2015

I just returned from my first ever iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium. It was an eye-opening experience! From the opening key-note to the final sessions, the themes of blending on-line instruction with classroom instruction, competency-based learning, online and personalized learning came through loud and clear. President Susan Patrick reminded us (in her opening remarks) that education can occur anytime, anyplace. Students live in an online world, and it’s our job as educators to tap into that world in our classrooms. Coming from a World Language vantage point, it was amazing to me to discover how we are all saying…

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Why Technology in the Language Classroom?

Just as in the other subject areas, technology can make a transformative impact in the language classroom. In fact, considering the straining of language learning resources in many districts and the ever-increasing number of students in need of those services, technology can serve as a critical way forward. Here are some ways that technology not only facilitates learning in the language classroom, but also improves it. Delivers individualized learning Class sizes in language classrooms are swelling. In world languages, students are increasingly seeing the need for language skills in order to compete in the 21st century economy. Of course, America’s…

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Webinar: How Workday’s Language Training Leads to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the primary challenges facing business organizations. Workers desire a workplace that treats them very differently from a generation ago. Today’s workforce wants to grow professionally in their organization. Employees see the international needs in the global economy and want the language skills needed to compete. More than 50 percent of employees desire language and cultural training as part of their employee development program. Workday, a global leader in human resources, found out how to make that strategy work for them and they are sharing it in a new webinar, “Speaking Up: How Workday Employs Language…

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Blended Learning Makes a Difference In Developing Business Leaders

Although it’s more important than ever to develop world-class employees and keep your company’s leadership bench stocked, other responsibilities limit the time available to such pursuits. The average American worker, salaried or hourly, works almost 50 hours per week, which doesn’t leave much time to traditional, in-person training. That’s where blended learning comes in. A mixture of online and in-person training solves a lot of issues that are currently plaguing workplace development. Accommodating the most compact schedules A lot of growth has been seen in the on-demand training space. It makes sense; workers who are too busy to attend in-person…

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