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Creating Future-Facing Development Plans

From an employer’s perspective, the purpose of employee development plans is to make sure the workforce is growing with the needs of the business. Opportunities may be on the horizon that would require employees with additional skills. You also want your employees to expand their competencies in skills they already possess. Here are the things to consider when generating development plans that prepare for your company’s future. Diversification Growth models normally require businesses to start entering other verticals eventually. Although dominating one facet of the market is great, sticking a toe in other verticals can insulate you from certain economic…

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Language Technology and Work-Readiness Testing

Inside Higher Ed recently reported that employers in India are increasingly using AMCAT (Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test), a well-established workplace readiness test that over 1.5 million Indians have taken to apply and/or qualify for employment. Over 600 companies within India are using AMCAT—and this includes some multinational US-based companies like Accenture and Deloitte. How the companies choose to use the results is up to them, and some are setting “standardized cutoff” scores. Ultimately, this levels the playing field for students who may not have attended schools as prestigious as their peers but have developed an impressive set of skills…

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Building a Rock-Solid Development Plan

Development plans are a key cog in improving employee-based business practices. Not only that, but they actually function as a retention strategy. Employees like to know where they are going and how they can grow within the company. Without that knowledge, they will grow somewhere else. Here are the components that make up a rock-solid employee development plan. Gather feedback A common practice in development plans is for the employee to self-assess their abilities first, then the manager to weigh in with their own assessment. Those are important steps, but it’s also significant to enlist the opinions of others with…

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¿Debo Preocuparme Por Mi Acento?

Written by Miranda González Una de mis mejores amigas vino de México a los Estados Unidos cuando ya era adulta. Aprendió inglés con relativa rapidez, completó una maestría en una universidad estadounidense y ahora tiene una carrera exitosa en la que habla inglés todos los días. Sin embargo, todavía tiene un acento, es decir, no tiene el típico acento norteamericano. Lo que más le desespera es que cuando conoce a alguien por primera vez, inevitablemente le preguntan, “¿De dónde es usted?” Y casi siempre, después de conocer a alguien nuevo, ella dice de una manera un poco triste: “Con mi…

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Rosetta Stone Solutions Highlighted as Models in Digital Learning

Recently, Rosetta Stone® products and efforts for higher education were featured in the Center for Digital Education’s comprehensive new special report, The Curriculum of the Future. Rosetta Stone was highlighted in the “Solution Spotlight” section. The Curriculum of the Future provides education leaders with the latest research and trends surrounding digital learning. It seeks to offer best practices and professional development guidance for education leaders exploring the many digital curriculum options out there. In particular, the report discusses the facets that make up a digital curriculum and the technology involved in making those options available to higher ed students. Case…

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Brain Fitness – How to Stay Sharp and Focused in the New Year

Getting physically fit is a perennially popular New Year’s resolution, but it’s also important to stay mentally fit. Here are some good habits that will help you get your brain in shape along with your body this year. Quit skimping on sleep After a particularly rough night, have you ever worn mismatched socks or struggled to remember your coworkers names? That’s because those who habitually don’t get enough sleep and those who pull all-nighters suffer from impaired cognitive function. In multiple studies, the link between a good night’s rest and a healthy brain is clear: Lack of sleep slows down…

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Language Departments Could Influence College Rankings

Institutional rankings can make a big difference in the further success of a college or university. As reported by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014–2015, high rankings can help institutions recruit talented faculty, as well as demonstrate quality to potential students and their parents. This type of momentum is invaluable. What’s the Secret? So how might a college or university jump-start their rankings? According to THE, there are a few stand-out factors that influence student decisions. Here’s a list that breaks down what really matters to students in assessing the quality of a higher ed institution: An institution’s…

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The Galatea Effect: How to Cultivate Employee-Driven Development

We wrote last week about the Pygmalion and Galatea effects and their role in the workplace. Harnessing them can enable transformative changes in your organization for a relatively low investment—it could be as simple as a few well-chosen words to the right employee. That being said, for those who prefer a more systematic approach, here are some actionable steps managers can take to improve an employee’s optimism and activate their own Galatea effect. Assessment Before taking any action, it’s important to assess the mindset of the target employee (or employees if you’re casting a bigger net). Why are they down…

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La Importancia de la Tutoría [Vídeo]

Los estudios han demostrado una y otra vez que entre más atención individual recibe un estudiante, mejor progreso tendrá. Es obvio que un salón con 15 niños y un maestro va a tener mayor éxito que un salón con 25 niños y un maestro. ¿Por qué? En el salón con menos niños, el maestro tiene más tiempo para dedicar a los desafíos individuales de cada niño. Apoyo individual Es por eso que la tutoría provee una gran ventaja para estudiantes de todas las edades; proporciona un periodo en el que el alumno puede resolver dudas y practicar con el maestro…

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The Pygmalion-Galatea Tango: Driving Performance from Employee and Supervisor Expectations

One of the most famous people in business history, Henry Ford, once said about expectations: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.” Over the last century or so since Ford was quoted, much research has been done in the field of positive thinking and its effect on a person’s outcomes, both personal and professional. Perhaps the most famous work in the study of optimism was a 1985 study by Michael F. Scheier and Charles S. Carver that focused on positive thinking and health outcomes. More recently, Barbara L. Fredrickson put forward her “broaden-and-build” theory, that…

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