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One Simple Way to Blend Your Classroom Now

It wasn’t that long ago that some educators collected cell phones (and pagers, remember those?) in a basket to be held for the duration of class. So distracting was the new technology, students just couldn’t be trusted. Fast forward to 2014, and the opposite is true. Mobile phones have become increasingly popular for in-class learning. By the time the class of 2020 reaches your lecture hall, students will be familiar with using a mobile device in class, as many of them will have done so in high school. Now is the time to embrace mobile. Discover a few simple ways…

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Rosetta Stone Making Its Presence Felt at ACTFL 2014

Once again, Rosetta Stone is playing a big part at 2014’s edition of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annual convention and language expo. The convention runs from Friday, November 21st to Sunday, November 23rd in San Antonio, Texas. With over 6,000 international attendees and over 250 exhibitors, ACTFL is one of the largest gatherings of language learning professionals in the world. This year’s theme is “Reaching Global Competence”, a topic that is central to the mission of Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone’s presentations Rosetta Stone is helping to bring that theme to life. Our booth, #7707, will…

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Top 3 Holiday Dishes, Their Histories and Recipes

Beyond the bird, there are those holiday dishes that, if they were missing from the menu, would be, well . . . missed! Winter holiday meals vary from region to region and religion to religion, but there’s one holiday feast whose culinary and national traditions have essential components that make it what it is: Thanksgiving. Stories abound about the original Thanksgiving table and other early influences, but today there are really three repeat offenders that keep us not just saying thanks, but saying, “pass me some more.” Stuffing (or is it dressing?) If we’re not going to talk about the…

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Giving Thanks around the World

Ah, Thanksgiving—a holiday that’s about as American as apple pie. Well, technically, Canadian Thanksgiving came first and a number of other international harvest holidays came way before that (like the Hebrew holiday Sukkot, which dates back to Moses). Oh, and by the way, if we want to be precise, apple pie actually isn’t exactly American either. Sorry to rain on your Thanksgiving Day parade. Okay, so maybe we can’t lay claim as the founders of the concept of a day of thanksgiving, but on this fourth Thursday of November, we can certainly enjoy our turkey with cranberry sauce and know…

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English Training Can Open Up Talent Pool in Emerging Markets

Opening up to diversity and inclusivity has been a focus in many major organizations for years now, but the drive to diversify the workplace in light of globalization and an ever-expanding pool of talent brings its own unique challenges. Some industries have found that a major hurdle to diversification is an international language barrier. Unfortunately, the language barrier can be strongest in the areas that have the most potential for new talent development. Savvy employers can start offering English language training as a benefit in international markets as a way to knock down existing linguistic and cultural barriers and keep…

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3 Reasons To Learn French Tout de Suite!

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about learning a language. You know you probably should, but you find it hard to see exactly how you’ll benefit from the hours you’ll invest. Here are three rationales that just might give you that final kick in the pants to learn French. French is rising in the ranks. Much has been said about the business benefits of learning Mandarin and the prevalence of Spanish in the United States. But would you be surprised to learn that the use of French is exploding and that by some projections, it could be the most-spoken language…

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Perfecciona Tu Inglés: Much vs. Many

Hoy examinaremos otra manera en la que el inglés es un poco más complicado que el español. En español, decimos: “No tengo mucho dinero y tampoco tengo muchos amigos.” Sin embargo, en inglés decimos: “I don’t have much money and I don’t have many friends either.” ¿Por qué usamos el mismo adjetivo en español (mucho(s)) pero dos adjetivos diferentes (much y many) en inglés? He aquí la respuesta: Many para sustantivos contables y much para sustantivos no contables El concepto de sustantivos contables y no contables existe en los dos idiomas. Por ejemplo, sabemos que podemos decir que hay dos…

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New Markets Mean New Challenges For Oil Execs

In the developed world’s constant quest for resources and fuel, companies have in recent years begun exploring brand new markets in order to follow the resources. As a result, the oil industry, long established in hotspots such as the U.S., Russia and Saudi Arabia, has started branching out into other parts of the world. To properly adapt to these changes, major oil companies will need to adopt new practices, not just in terms of technological or economic operations, but also in how basic things like business communication skills are approached. In an increasingly globalized industry, companies that are able to…

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Discover the New Rosetta Stone® Experience

You think you know Rosetta Stone, and a lot of what you know may be right: We offer award-winning language programs, millions of people have learned a new language using our products, we’re the industry leader, and our programs come in a yellow box. All true. But! Here’s what you may not know: Rosetta Stone offers online and mobile language learning, Kids® Reading, helpful Travel Apps, and so much more! So what’s new at Rosetta Stone? NEW user interface design Award-winning interactive software World-class speech-recognition technology Live tutoring sessions Games and activities A language-learning community    

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The Rising Star Of China’s New Hotel Dynasty

The International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show opened yesterday in New York City, and is one of the largest global showcases for the latest innovations in the hotel and foodservice industry. One unmistakable change the show has seen over the past decade is the increased presence from China. The global hotel industry has a new major player in the rapidly expanding Chinese hotel market. Asia’s largest country has been establishing itself as a major economic power in the past several years, and its exploding hotel industry has been a significant part of that growth. Driven by a variety of factors…

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