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A Journey to China with Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO

One of the most difficult languages for native speakers of English to learn is Chinese, but that hasn’t deterred students from learning it. In fact, the Modern Language Association reports that between 2006 and 2009 the number of US college students learning Chinese increased by 18 percent. The interest in Chinese extends even down to students in elementary schools. Recently, 44 dedicated students from a Northern Virginia elementary school used Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO to learn Chinese (Mandarin). After spending just two and a half hours a week over 12 weeks in the program, 75 percent of the learners increased…

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Q&A with Brenna Hanley, Fantasy-Language Enthusiast

Brenna Hanley graduated from Florida Southern College in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Brenna is currently studying to get her master of arts degree in education at Florida Southern College. She’ll be discussing invented languages at Ascendio 2012, a July 12–15 conference in Florida celebrating the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. photo courtesy Brenna Hanley Q: What’s your background in languages, and what languages are you studying now? How many languages do you speak? A: Throughout grade school I was very involved in studying Spanish, and I continued that learning in…

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Acquiring Skills After Graduation

December 2009—what a time that was! After four years of blood, sweat, and tears (tears mainly), I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I could finally get out in the world to reap the rewards of my education. However, that “light” wasn’t opportunity but a freight train heading right for me. The economy had crashed a year before. Jobs were (and still are) scarce. And it seems like everybody has a degree. After working in sales for two years, it was time to go back to finish my bachelor’s degree in Spanish. When you already have…

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Rosetta Stone Celebrates One Million Fans on Facebook: #SpinToWin

Tomorrow, June 20, we’re holding an exclusive celebration in honor of our one million fans on our Facebook page! Spin our “Party Wheel” through a special application on our Facebook page in order to win luggage, gift cards, hats, tech tools, discounts on Rosetta Stone, and much, much more. Here’s the catch: the party lasts for just four hours, so arrive on time! Please see the flyer below for more information. We’d like to thank all of our fans for their dedication to our page. We love your drive to question and to learn about the world around you through…

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Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO for K–12: Language Learning Designed for Schools

Rosetta Stone proudly unveiled its newest product for schools, Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO for K–12, at the 72nd National School Boards Association annual conference in Boston, April 21-23.  A crowd of 800 plus educational leaders and guests of school board members attended the Joint Caucuses Reception during which Tom Adams, chairman of the board for Rosetta Stone, discussed the critical need for language skills in today’s increasingly globalized world. Tom also shared the remarkable results from a TOTALe PRO efficacy study conducted with elementary students learning Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin). Beyond the official statistics, he talked about how the results…

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Rosetta World Game Spotlight: BuzzBingo

This month we’re starting the first in a series of Game Spotlights, in which we introduce the activities in our online community, Rosetta World. A screenshot of the Rosetta World game BuzzBingo. Captured by Becca Rust. BuzzBingo is one of our most popular online activities, and it’s available to learners of all our Rosetta Stone TOTALe languages, plus those using our Rosetta Stone ReFLEX product. Content is specially created to challenge learners’ listening skills in the language they’re studying. In the game, learners listen to a recording of a native speaker, and then click on each word…

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I started using Rosetta Stone Français five months ago and I am almost done with all five levels. It is amazing how quickly it works and how easily you learn new words without having to memorize anything. What everyone says is true! It is the fastest and easiest way to learn a new language! I have been reading the news in French for a while now, and while I can’t understand all of it I can comprehend it for the most part. But I still have more to learn. When I got to level three I thought I wasn’t learning…

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Katrin erobert mit ihrer Schwester die Welt

Katrin (links) und ihre Schwester Amelie.This story is about Katrin, a German woman in the hospitality industry who used Rosetta Stone to learn French.Katrin ist 25 Jahre alt und war bis letztes Jahr Rezeptionistin in einem renommierten deutschen Hotel. Dann zog sie gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester, einer Köchin, nach Schottland, in die Nähe von Edinburgh.Katrins große Leidenschaft gilt jedoch der französischen Sprache. „Als mein Arbeitgeber letztes Jahr Rosetta Stone zur Verfügung stellte, nahm ich mir vor, endlich vernünftig Französisch zu lernen.“ Gerade im Hotelgewerbe ist jede weitere Sprache ein Vorteil und ermöglicht neue berufliche Chancen. „Französisch…

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On Learning Italian and Finding Love

What a year it has been! In a humorous set of circumstances, early last year my dog, (yes, my dog!) introduced me to me fiancé through videos of my Spinone Italiano on YouTube. A simple comment on a video led to a typed conversation, email conversations led to a Skype request for help with English, and a number of Skype conversations led to romance! My fiancé lives in Italy and speaks English as a second language quite well but I do not speak Italian at all, except for the most basic greetings and salutations. After two visits to Italy, I…

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Más Español Comprehension

I am now understanding much more than I ever did of Spanish. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am now able to understand local Spanish Radio and TV with more comprehension then before. I am understanding local Hispanics on a better level than ever. We are also planning a trip to Spain for next year and I am looking forward to it. Thank you! — Carla A. Phoenix, Arizona Getty Images/PhotoAlto

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