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How Paid Sick Leave Laws Could Affect Your Business

Recent years have seen much attention given to the issue of paid sick leave in businesses. Several cities and states have implemented government-enforced regulations requiring companies to provide a certain number of paid sick days to employees. Corporate reception to these policies has been mixed. Many executives view the new requirements as a drain on company coffers, though there is also evidence suggesting that providing paid sick days can provide tangible benefits to companies. How the policies are changing Perhaps in the most high profile recent example of paid sick leave legislation, New York City revamped its policy, following such…

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Districts Bracing for Migrant Student Wave

Migrant students are nothing new for America’s school districts. Under federal law, students have a right to a free and equal education no matter their immigration or guardian status. However, this year might be something of a culture shock. The coming wave Nationwide, school districts are expecting as many as 50,000 migrant students to attend the first day of school, many of them from countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Many of those students enter the country with no parents or other guardians. You might expect the states with the highest immigrant populations like Florida and Texas to be…

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Y tu inglés, ¿qué tal?

  Ya todos están de regreso a clases, y si tienes hijos, probablemente ya gastaste una pequeña fortuna en los útiles de la escuela. (De verdad, ¿cuántas cajas de crayolas puede usar un solo niño?) En esta temporada de nuevos comienzos, puedes reexaminar dónde estás en tu estudio del inglés. ¿Vas mejor que el año pasado? ¿Qué te falta todavía? ¿Cada cuándo te pones a hacer cosas para mejorar tu inglés? Si te sientes satisfecho con tu progreso y con tu plan para seguir aprendiendo, ¡felicidades! Pero si hasta ahora no has tenido tanto éxito en el inglés como quisieras,…

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Job Hopping Is On The Rise: What Does This Mean For Your Company?

Employee loyalty is a quality all managers seek in their staff. While the old paradigm of starting at a company and working your way up the ranks over a static 20-year career has long since gone the way of the dinosaur, stability is still important for both employers and employees. In recent years, the younger millennial generation has adopted a whole new level of job hopping, fluttering from company to company at rates seen as alarming by older generations of management, and managers and HR professionals are understandably concerned. This trend of employment transience offers unique challenges but also opportunities…

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Tech Mitigates High-Risk in Foreign-Language Learning

A common misconception about schools with low-scoring, under-resourced populations is that “the only way to fix these schools is by bringing in new teachers and leaders.” But test scores don’t reliably indicate where the true problem lies. Instructors are not the cause of poor performance; these students simply face obstacles that require a different approach. Balancing High-Risk and Requirements How can instructors prepare these high-risk students for further study while helping them improve test scores and meet the foreign-language requirement? It’s a tall order. Institutions can look to success stories like the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) for guidance.…

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Rosetta Stories – Meet Christopher, Spanish Learner

Millions of people have used Rosetta Stone language-learning systems to take the next step in their personal, professional, and educational goals. We’ve heard so many great stories of accomplishment over the years from people who’ve used Rosetta Stone that we wanted to share some of them with you, our current (and soon-to-be) patrons. Allow us to introduce Rosetta Stories: A place where we’ll highlight the very personal stories and journeys of individuals who have chosen Rosetta Stone to help them attain proficiency in their target languages.   Meet Christopher   Meet more learners! Grace – French Learner Nuno – Swedish Learner Delaine…

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How To Rethink Incentives And Performance Reviews For Greater Success

In the ongoing quest to maximize workplace productivity, managers have conventionally explored with a handful of tried and true tactics to connect with their employees. Many employers offer incentives, usually financial, as a popular way of driving employee innovation. Performance reviews are another common tool for helping identify areas of job performance that could benefit from special attention. However, these are not tools and strategies that can or even should be implemented blindly across the board without consideration. As workplaces evolve in the wake of globalization and the digital native generation, understanding how to make the most of these popular…

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Why You Should Care About Employee Skill Development, And How You Can Encourage It

One thing every employer wants is a workforce of employees who are skilled, smart, and knowledgeable. Far from simply the province of HR professionals conducting on-boarding, skill development is a thing that should continue well beyond the the initial corporate training programs, and extend to cover the entirety of an employee’s tenure with the company. For some employers, it may seem to be something of a balancing act between making sure employees have the necessary training they need to do their jobs effectively and avoiding unnecessary time or financial expenditures for the sake of what may be seen as diminishing…

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What Is Driving Employee Satisfaction?

One of the jobs management needs to be sure to stay on top of is keeping track of the overall satisfaction of its employees. Keeping staff motivated and satisfied with their work is key to maximizing productivity and preventing potential profit losses due to lapses in work. It’s important to note that employees are driven by different motivators, some material, others developmental. The task many HR professionals face is to make use of strong business communication skills to keep abreast of the motivational climate of the workforce, and work to implement a company culture that adequately meets the needs of the staff’s job satisfaction. Salary concerns It should come as no surprise…

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Keep Employees Engaged To Maximize Performance

Engagement is an important goal that managers and HR professionals should shoot for on both sides of the customer service counter. More than just a way to attract and retain clients and customers, engagement is an important part of what keeps your workforce motivated and efficient. As an employer, it’s important to keep an eye on your workplace’s overall level of engagement. You should understand the factors that can keep your employees plugged in and engaged, as well as what can result in the opposite. The engaged workplace The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) conducted surveys of companies to better pin down how to qualify the notion of…

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