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Big Changes to Rosetta Stone TOTALe!

The home screen in Rosetta Stone  The Rosetta Stone TOTALe online environment is getting a major update! The home screen and Rosetta World have a new look, and we’ve added features that will help learners like you get the most out of your online experience. You’ll notice new icons, animations, and transitions on the redesigned TOTALe home screen, plus beautiful custom artwork from around the world for many of our languages. And TOTALe has gotten more adaptive with the introduction of suggested activities. By evaluating your progress, we’re now better able to guide you through Rosetta Course, Rosetta…

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Thank You Note from Tim

I admit, at first I was quite sceptical about purchasing your TOTALe Spanish software. It was quite the investment, but after an embarrassing trip with friends to Cuba where I got completely lost and found myself being the only English fish in a sea of Spanish, I vowed it would never happen again. I was sick of being left out of the conversation. I took the chance, made the investment, and purchased your course. Now, I write to you today to tell you that after 4 months of lessons in my spare time, using the audio lessons on my MP3…

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Dancing Pandas and Singing Linguists

We have a special treat for you today. Within the last few weeks, my coworkers and I have been busy working on our Rosetta Stone Latino Facebook Page. Gerard Muskus, our US Hispanic marketing lead, even went to Barcelona to supervise the filming of our newest TV spot. Here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from his trip. (more…)

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Going on Vacation? If You Just Get By on English, You’re Missing Out

Working in research and development for Rosetta Stone means having the opportunity to work with and learn about a lot of different languages. We are encouraged to spend significant time using our products the way our learners do, to remind ourselves of their perspective and to ensure that our products’ language content and pedagogy is as good as it can be. (It helps that I’m a complete language geek and love learning any language.) One of the great perks about working here is the employee benefit for completing three levels of any language: we get two extra vacation days to…

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A Phone or a Language?

A phone or a language. That was the choice I made when I graduated from elementary school. My choice was life changing. Because now I know English and Swahili. I learned Swahili with Rosetta Stone. Swahili is a very important language. It’s an official language in 5 African nations, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its number of overall speakers is still being debated, but most people agree that the number of speakers is well over 50 million people within and outside of Africa. Its origin is also up for debate, but Swahili is today classified as…

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Rosetta Stone Customers Weigh In: The Top-Five Advantages of Online Learning

There’s no doubt that technology is transforming the way people learn, and the popularity of online educational tools is rapidly increasing. To support this growing movement, many companies, including Rosetta Stone, are building more software-as-a-service (abbreviated SaaS) solutions, meaning that we offer language-learning solutions that can be accessed in the cloud, anywhere you’re online. These online platforms personalize education, increase efficiency, and make learning more accessible. We asked some of our customers using our Business and Education products why they’ve decided to give their employees or students access to Rosetta Stone online learning instead of offline language-learning solutions. Here are…

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Trends in College Language Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Spanish tops out as the most-studied language across U.S. campuses, followed by French and German. Only one percent of those in the U.S. have studied Chinese, but check out what language many Americans believe will be necessary in the next fifty years! More interesting statistics can be found in the full infographic below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. (more…)

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A Journey to China with Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO

One of the most difficult languages for native speakers of English to learn is Chinese, but that hasn’t deterred students from learning it. In fact, the Modern Language Association reports that between 2006 and 2009 the number of US college students learning Chinese increased by 18 percent. The interest in Chinese extends even down to students in elementary schools. Recently, 44 dedicated students from a Northern Virginia elementary school used Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO to learn Chinese (Mandarin). After spending just two and a half hours a week over 12 weeks in the program, 75 percent of the learners increased…

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Q&A with Brenna Hanley, Fantasy-Language Enthusiast

Brenna Hanley graduated from Florida Southern College in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Brenna is currently studying to get her master of arts degree in education at Florida Southern College. She’ll be discussing invented languages at Ascendio 2012, a July 12–15 conference in Florida celebrating the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. photo courtesy Brenna Hanley Q: What’s your background in languages, and what languages are you studying now? How many languages do you speak? A: Throughout grade school I was very involved in studying Spanish, and I continued that learning in…

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